If you're looking for something to binge-watch today, may I suggest Pink's aerial performance of "Cover Me In Sunshine" with her 9-year-old daughter, Willow? Because it's so stunning, so impressive and so emotional, you'll want to watch it over and over again.

While most moms don't perform acrobatics with their kids on stage in front of millions of people, the pure joy and love between these two is something we can all relate to.

During last night's Billboard Music Awards, Pink performed a medley of her greatest hit before accepting an Icon award. She kicked things off with her most recent one, the song she co-wrote with Willow (check out their adorable music video if you haven't seen it yet) and had her little girl join her for an iconic aerial performance.

P!NK: Icon Performance - 2021 Billboard Music Awards www.youtube.com

As the song came to a close, Pink and Willow shared a hug and high-five before Willow left the stage. During the song, however, the mutual pride and joy radiating between the mother-daughter duo was so palpable, it made many viewers (including this author) emotional. The internet seems to agree, as many viewers were really moved by the performance. During her Icon Award acceptance speech, Pink complimented her daughter's performance—because even though it was her moment, being a mom comes first. "Willow nailed it," Pink said. During a recent interview with PEOPLE, Pink talked about raising her kids, Willow and brother Jameson, 4 as a touring performer. "They're totally weird and joyful, and I'm loving every moment of it," Pink said then. "Even the hard days are a blessing." Seems like Willow isn't the only one nailing it—we love everything about Pink and her icon status. Bravo!