Six years before she got pregnant, Kaitlyn Kirby had an idea for a digital magazine….about kids. She launched Mini Magazine in 2011 with no baby background or practical experience, just a dream for a chic and beautiful publication that would help the modern mom. This March, she'll finally get to read it as one of those modern moms, as she welcomes her first baby into her Madison, Wisconsin home.

“In my six years running Mini, many were not aware that I didn't have any children of my own," she says. “I have been stockpiling tips and advice from the inspiring parents we feature for so long, I feel like I'm finally getting to put it all to use!"

Below, Kate gives us the pregnancy tour of Madison, and shares the best spots to hit when you've got a new baby or a baby on the way.

Shopping: J.Crew and GAP. I've stayed true to my looser t-shirts, tunics and leggings combos all through this pregnancy, and I find most of my essentials at J.Crew and GAP.

Prenatal pampering: Duncan Edward Salon

Pregnancy cravings: Our favorite neighborhood restaurant, Gates & Brovi. We're there at least 1-2 times per week for dinner or brunch, and we even named our dog Brovi! They have the best cheese curds in the city, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Sweets: Bloom Bake Shop. I found Bloom when we first moved to Madison in 2010, and I've been a devoted customer ever since. Treats made with local ingredients? Sign me up! The raspberry almond rose cupcake is my favorite.

Nursery Decor: As crazy as it may sound, I'm not into those uber-themed nurseries with circus animals or butterflies. I've taken hints of design from places that I love and worked it into our nursery space where it feels more like a cohesive part of our house instead of a wave of pink or blue when you walk in. For instance, I love The Home Market at Hilldale in Madison for its neutrals, raw wood and classic upholstered pieces — The store looks like a Nancy Meyers set and it's also where I found our nursery's Dash & Albert rug. I also love the restaurant Everly in our neighborhood for its modern white on white on wood scheme — exactly what you'll find in our nursery (ahem, entire house).

Relaxing around town: Colectivo Coffee in our neighborhood has a really cute little shop where my husband and I love to go spend a lazy weekend afternoon with a cup of spicy chai, sitting by the large windows and people watching.

Baby Shop: Little Luxuries is a really cool shop downtown on State Street where you can always find unique baby products and toys.

Prenatal Yoga: Dragonfly Yoga. I started doing hot yoga a few years ago, and it is my studio of choice. I've paused on hot yoga during this pregnancy, but I still continue my practice when I can!

Place to meet other pregnant gals: Birthing classes. Our hospital has so many free classes and groups where moms-to-be and new moms can come together to learn and share concerns and advice after baby.