Giving birth is a lot of work (hello, understatement of the year) and your postpartum recovery can be uncomfortable, especially where you vagina is concerned. Pushing and stitches can leave you feeling a bit sore and swollen (ps if you're having some worries about that, check out this article to make yourself feel better).

That's why we are obsessed with these padsicles. Take a few minutes now to prep them (really, it's super quick). Trust us, postpartum you will be ever so grateful to DIY-ing pregnant you.

What you'll need—

large pads
aloe vera gel
witch hazel
lavender oil (if you want)

What to do—

-Open the pad (but save the wrapping).
-Add about a tablespoon of aloe, a teaspoon of witch hazel, and a few drops of lavender to the top of the pad, and blend it together on the pad.
-Re-wrap and stash them in your freezer.

Why you'll love it—

When you're in pain after birth, just pull one out from the freezer, unwrap and place it in your underwear. Instant relief.