Halloween is going to look very different this year but we're staying optimistic. As long as we have carved pumpkins, chocolate candy and an at-home Halloween scavenger hunt it will be a fun-filled holiday. To help add to the festivities, we gathered a list of our favorite horror movies—because grownups deserve their own fun, right?

Before you dive in, make sure the kids are in bed—none of the movies are kid-approved—and remember that the CDC says no screaming in large groups this year, so be sure you're watching them with people in your household or, if you're brave enough, alone. Some are classics like, The Exorcist and The Silence of the Lambs, and others are newer but still just as terrifying.

Here are the scariest movies for Halloween 2020 found on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon + HBO Max:


  1. The House at the End of the Street
  2. Head Count
  3. The Ritual
  4. Hush
  5. Zodiac
  6. 13 Cameras
  7. Sleepy Hollow
  8. The Silence of the Lambs
  9. Polaroid
  10. The Forest
  11. Sinister
  12. The Haunting of Bly Manor (Arrives Oct. 9)


  1. The Others
  2. Ghost Adventures
  3. The Babadook
  4. Hound of Love
  5. Children of the Corn
  6. The Amityville Horror
  7. Jigsaw
  8. The Body


  1. Carrie
  2. The Witch
  3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  4. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
  5. Hereditary
  6. Halloween
  7. Eyes Without a Face
  8. Last House on the Left
  9. Rosemary's Baby
  10. Deliverance
  11. The Exorcist
  12. The Shining
  13. Night of the Living Dead
  14. Insidious

HBO Max:

  1. Lights Out
  2. An American Werewolf in London
  3. Prometheus
  4. From Dusk till Dawn
  5. Diabolique
  6. Night of the Living Dead
  7. Jaws
  8. Cronos
  9. Interview with the Vampire
  10. The Frighteners
  11. Doctor Sleep