They say a woman’s work is never done, and for Jennifer Pope, second grade teacher and mom of four that even means when she is in labor.

Jennifer’s friend Andrea McDonald, of Rooted in Love Photography, was on hand to capture the birth of Jennifer’s newborn daughter Clara. Little did she know, she was going to feel a bit like she was back in the classroom. Andrea, a former teacher herself, snapped away as Jennifer finished up lesson plans her class would need while she was on maternity leave.

“Those papers would be her lesson plans her husband is about to go drop off with her sub in the parking lot,” Andrea’s Facebook post explains of the photo.

Jennifer, a teacher for twelve years, told Motherly, “I wanted my students to easily transition while I was away, so I felt it was my responsibility to make sure everything was seamless by getting those lessons completed.”

This moment truly shows the hard-work and dedication that teachers bring to the classroom (and sometimes labor and delivery room!) every. single. day. Andrea told Motherly, “I was a teacher for years so I definitely could relate in that work goes way beyond the bell ringing.”

You could say that again. ?

Teachers are amazing. Think about it—we’re in charge of our children, of course. But teachers? They are in charge of all of our children Monday through Friday. They care for them, comfort them, worry about them, cheer them on and support them. They even do this on Saturdays and Sundays. Sun up, to sun down. And they aren’t even their own children. They are superheroes.

Case in point—Jennifer Pope. She loves her students so much she was busy prepping them for the months ahead while she was busy—oh, NBD—birthing her own child.

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Photographer Andrea McDonald told Motherly, “I feel like moms and teachers are so hard working because they have so much invested in their kids. When you put that much time, love and energy into children (even if they’re not your own) you want to see them succeed in life.”

Jennifer added, “I think as women we are natural caretakers. We feel the responsibilities of work and family equally, and for me personally, it is satisfying to know that the work I do at home and school is making a difference.”

Thank you to all the teachers who give our children their all day in and day out.

And congratulations to Jennifer and the rest of the Pope family on this exciting addition! ?