Because Mama deserves some love, too

The moment a pregnancy test reads positive is nothing short of life-altering. From that day on, you are someone’s mama, which is the most wonderful, amazing and, yes, occasionally daunting privilege in the world.

But between baby showers, belly rubs and questions from well-meaning strangers, it’s easy for mamas to feel a little lost in the experience of pregnancy. That’s why, more than ever, you deserve to show yourself some extra TLC. Because, after all, what’s good for mama is good for baby.

Here are eight of our favorite ways to give yourself an extra serving of self-care.

Create an at-home spa

Honest Mama Soaking Salts

Research proves expectant mamas are on par with world-class endurance athletes . During pregnancy, aches, pains and exhaustion can feel like the new normal as our bodies expend incredible amounts of energy. The solution? Make every night a spa night. We’re completely obsessed with the new Me Moment Soaking Salts from The Honest Company , which are designed to soothe your muscles and relax your mind.

Get a blowout at a dry bar

The ways our bodies change, grow and stretch during pregnancy are remarkable, but even if we can appreciate the great beauty and purpose in this process, there are some less glamorous side-effects that go along with it. There is one happy exception, though: Thanks to hormone changes, you likely have the best hair and nails of your life. Lean into this with a blowout at a dry bar .

Makeover your morning ritual

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If tossing and turning during the night is causing you to wake up not feeling rested, it’s all the more reason to give your morning routine some extra love, mama. Giving yourself permission to start the day on your terms with a warm shower, followed with the luxe Glow On Body Oil and Sweet Curves Body Lotion can help put you in the right mindset to take on the day (even if you would have preferred fewer wake-ups during the night!).

Book a prenatal massage

During pregnancy, our bodies produce a hormone called “relaxin,” which helps prepare muscles, ligaments and joints for delivery. As helpful as this may be, it tends to come with the unpleasant side-effect of some major aches in the meantime. Schedule an appointment for a prenatal massage with a masseuse who is experienced in working with pregnancy-specific pains, so that you can get your own relaxin’ on.

Create a gratitude practice

The changes to our bodies during pregnancy are visible, but the changes going on within our minds are just as significant—and the associated emotions deserve our time and respect to work through. We love making a habitual gratitude practice, which can be a walk around the neighborhood, a journal entry or even a few moments when you pause to appreciate your body.

Give your skin some TLC

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Considering that our bodies grow to make space for a beautiful new human in the course of nine or so months, there’s a lot of stretching that’s going on. If only it could happen without all of the stretch marks. Show your body some love with Rock the Bump Body Butter , which provides 24 hours of moisture.

Buy yourself some flowers

Flowers are traditionally a way of showing love so who says you can’t bestow them upon yourself? This small gesture of self-love is a guaranteed way to brighten your mood every time you pass by the vase. Better yet, when you are the one doing the picking , no one has to guess which flowers are your favorite. ​

Invite over a girlfriend

If happy hour doesn’t have quite the same appeal, you shouldn’t have to skip on the social element, too. Pregnancy can really bring with it a whole host of emotions about the way life as you know it will change, so one of the very best ways you can show yourself self-care is by being around others who care for you, too. Extend an invitation to a girlfriend—or even a mom acquaintance you would like to get to know better—to deepen the roots in your village before your baby’s arrival.

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