Just like how you can read a woman’s pregnancy right on her face, you can also read a new mom. But instead of “the glow,” it’s usually by a look of total exhaustion. “When you become a mom you forget about your needs because you are so focused on those of the little ones,” says Jessica Richards, founder of skincare shop Shen Beauty.

Ironically, it was motherhood that actually inspired Jessica to launch her business. “I had just had a baby, and my nanny dropped my face cream out of my vanity in my bathroom and it shattered,” she recalls. The drugstore was the option for skincare products in her Brooklyn neighborhood, and she was craving something “super-luxe.” So she opened Shen to bring indulgent skincare, with a focus on organic and nontoxic brands, to the mom-centric area.

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A few years (and another baby) later, her shop has expanded and caters to much more than just the mom set. Still, she acknowledges that as moms, “taking time for yourself not only makes you feel better but also look better. And after all those long nights, it’s helpful to take care of yourself and your soul.”

Below, Jessica shares 5 skincare secrets every new mom needs.

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1) Moisturizing Massage. My secret tip is to really take time for yourself as a new mom or even just a mom giving yourself an extra minute of facial massage either with your cleanser or moisturizer will really show results later in life. It helps to stimulate blood flow and drain the lymph of any toxins.

2) May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon. My go-to winter product for my face. I use this as a moisturizer as it helps protect against wind and cold when my skin gets chapped. The blue tansy in it also calms down the redness which I seem to get more in the winter time because of the cold.

3) Pai Deep Conditioning Body Oil. This oil is very lightly scented, incredibly moisturizing and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. Not to mention it’s organic. If I forget my skincare when traveling but have this I just use it on my face and it works wonders.

4) Amanda Lacey Cleansing Pomade. A hero product and something that once you try you will never use another cleanser again. A true indulgence but worth every penny! Massage it into your skin for as long as you can and then rinse with a warm muslin.

5) Therapie by Roques O’Neil Bath Salts. These bath salts are a true wellness product that make you feel relaxed and refreshed. Like soaking in Epsom salts for hours would feel (if you had hours to spare as a mom). Your skin is soft, your mind is calm and you can be ready for anything.