Sun, sand and fun beach activities for kids are all the ingredients you need to cook up a fantastically good time at the beach. Whether you’re planning summer vacations or looking to getaway from winter’s frosty bite to a tropical destination, family beach games for your beach vacations are a must do.

Beach games for families might just be the thing that keep the kids from interrupting your nap in the sun or saying the inevitable, “I’m bored.” Fun beach activities for kids will keep everyone in good spirits and make lasting memories. Between the mesmerizing waters and the warm sand between your toes, a fun game is all you’ll need to complete a special beach day.

10 beach activities for kids for fun in the sun

1. Don’t touch the sand

Play this one with a beach ball or any type of ball. The objective is simple: keep the ball from hitting the sand! Use hands or feet to keep it in the air as long as possible.

2. Bulzibucket

Meet the game that’s a mix of hacky sack and corn hole. Play it in the water or on land. Split into teams, position the buckets at a distance then, take turns tossing the bags inside the bucket or kicking it inside. With over 900 ratings and plenty of 5-star reviews, you can’t go wrong with this one.

3. Water bucket relay

Divide into teams and give every team its own empty bucket. Place all of the buckets the same distance away from the water then, using a spoon or any other water-scooping tool, see which team can fill their bucket up the fastest. This is sure to tire your kiddos out so you can indulge in your beach read and they can take a nice nap!

4. Volleyball

You don’t necessarily need a net for this one because you can draw a line in the sand and mark that as the invisible net. Not only is it among the classic family beach games but it’s also fun for all ages.

5. Sand angels

Bring out your creative side with this one. Lay on the sand and create sand angels just as you would snow angels. Then everyone can get creative with seashells, leaves or anything else they can find to decorate their sand angels.

6. Card games

Whether you choose to play Go Fish or any other card game, these waterproof cards are portable and fun. The possibilities are endless! Plus, if it’s really warm out you can even play inside your beach tent.

7. Ring toss

This game can be played with inflatables or you can even draw circles in the sand to aim to. Toss small inflatable rings if you’re playing with inflatables or find a few sea shells to throw inside your drawn circles.

8. Create sand animals

Have your kiddos choose a creature to shape out of sand. Stick to a theme or let their imaginations run wild. Divide into teams or let every person make their own.

9. Sand Pictionary

The sand is wonderful for all kinds of beach activities for kids, including sand Pictionary! Use the sand as your canvas. Up the pressure with timed rounds (the time it takes for the picture to wash away with the waves) and stick to an ocean theme.

10. Musical towels

Beach games for families can get competitive but who doesn’t love musical chairs? This is the same idea but with towels instead.

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