Editor’s note: This deal has expired.

We love Target’s seasonal “weekend deals” and the one that is coming up this weekend is seriously amazing.

This Sunday, December 2, 2018, gift cards are on sale for one day only.

You’ll get 10% off Target gift cards in-store and on the website (you don’t even need a coupon code, the discount will just automatically apply at checkout on Sunday).

So whether you plan to give Target gift cards as Christmas gifts (and if you are, feel free to put us on your list) or you just want to save 10% when doing your Christmas shopping, this is a great deal.

Some things to know about this one day deal:

  • The minimum gift card purchase to qualify for the 10% off is $10.
  • This doesn’t include Target Visa Gift Cards, Target MasterCard Gift Cards, Target American Express Gift Cards—this is just for the store gift cards.
  • You can buy up to $300 worth of gift cards on Sunday for a max $30 discount.
  • And they’ll be redeemable starting the next day—December 3 at 10 a.m. central time!

The great thing about this weekend deal is that you can get in on it without actually doing your Target run on the weekend.

According to Target, twice as many shoppers show up in stores on Saturdays and Sundays than on an average weekday, so if you want to do a little Christmas shopping at a less busy time, why not snag some of these cards and then do your run on a random Tuesday?

Thanks for the Christmas gift, Target!

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