The Boss Baby may not have won an Oscar (yes, it was nominated) but it got something your kids will care about way more: A series on Netflix.

The 13 episode run of The Boss Baby: Back in Business starts April 6.

Some of the A-list cast members from the film did not reprise their roles for the series, but seriously, your kids probably won’t notice that Alec Baldwin isn’t putting words in the Boss Baby’s mouth in the TV version.

“I have been holding this news in for over a year, and I am so excited to share it. I'm the Boss Baby,” voice over artist JP Karliak announced on his website. “The trailer just dropped, and I've already seen the first two episodes, and I have to say, they're astounding. The cast is stellar, the music is slick and hip, and the animation is so fast and fun. I hope you enjoy it, cause we loved recording it.”

We’re sure litte Boss Baby fans will have as much fun with the new episodes of Boss Baby as Karliak had voicing him, as it seems kids can’t get enough of this story that mixes sibling rivalry, corporate espionage and the concept of babies versus puppies to comic effect.

If your kids are obsessed with the characters from the movie, having short episodes that give them that Boss Baby fix without the 97 minute runtime is awesome. But if you want to cut screen time (or if they’re begging for Boss Baby before bedtime) consider the picture book that started the whole series.

The Boss Baby by author and illustrator Marla Frazee has 4.7 stars on Amazon (which is a lot more stars than most critics gave the film) and there’s even a follow-up book, titled The Bossier Baby, which adds a little infant sister to the mix.

And the TV show isn’t the only continuation of the Boss Baby saga we have to look forward to. Back in May, Universal confirmed it has plans for a Boss Baby 2 to hit theaters in March 26, 2021, and yes, Alec Baldwin is coming back for that one.

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