In the wake of studies like the one from Beech-Nut that found that nearly 80 percent of millennial moms have experience mom shaming at the hand of someone they knew, it can be easy to think mean moms may be on the rise again.

Which is why our mama hearts grew three sizes when we heard about this story on the Love What Matters Facebook page:

You can read the full post, but in case you’ve got a toddler begging for Paw Patrol in the background, here’s the scoop: Abby Murphy was venting to an online friend — whom she has never met — who had supported her during pregnancy, cross-country moves, and her daughter’s Autism diagnosis when she mentioned not having a car seat for her newest little one, due to arrive in two months.

Two days later, she found a brand new car seat delivered to her home from her friend who just wanted to take one thing off Abby’s quickly growing to-do list.

Motherhood can be a scary, isolating place — but only if you let it be. This is a great reminder how we can all contribute to the mama village.

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