A decade is over and 2020 is finally here. I don't know about you, but I find myself reflecting on some interesting hair trends celebrities have sported throughout the years (long braids, bangs, 90's prom hair—to name a few). So I'm dying to know what colors we should look out for in 2020. Bottom line: if you need a color refresh for the winter, look no further.

I asked Matrix Celebrity Colorist, George Papanikolas and Kate Reid , COLOR.ME by Kevin Murphy Global Design Director to share their 2020 hair color trend predictions. Take a look and feel free to try a few yourself:

1. High contrast color with unexpected twists

According to Papanikolas, coppers with a deeper base and a bright copper highlight will be hot in 2020. Think: brunettes with rich base colors and bright honey blonde high contrast highlights. How mamas can try it: "What makes this look great for modern moms is keeping the highlights soft and delicate at the root area gradually getting thicker and heavier towards the mid and ends," says Papanikolas.

2. Chunky highlights (with curls)

This year we will see lots of layering, curly bangs and all-around big curly hair. Chunky highlights make this fun and playful so that they don't disappear into the curls, says Papanikolas. How mamas can try it: Add a shadow root to keep this looking up-to-date without a harsh line.

3. Rich auburns

The best way to wear rich auburns is to have a deep mahogany base with cinnamon accents. To keep these delicate shades vivid, use an acid-based shampoo like Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Sulfate-Free Shampoo . This seals the cuticle and locks in the color, says Papanikolas. How mamas can try it: Reid says by adding warmth to the hair it gives an instant glow and health to our skin. This helps to enhance our features, makes us look well-rested, plus adds color to our cheeks.

4. Cool browns

For brunettes wanting cool tones, you will want to lift the hair past orange and then use an ash based toner to give a cool brown finish. Trying to get this look with hair color on the will result in a warm finish on brunettes. This is a great option for those with naturally dark hair who don't want to deal with constant root touch-ups, says Papanikolas. How mamas can try it: It's hard for mamas to get to the salon, to maintain to look at home, use a green-based shampoo which neutralizes red tones.

5. Tweed

The movement to less over-lightening hair is hitting us. In the past, colorists have really over-processed hair with protein-rich bond builders, (like Olaplex ) says Reid. Colorists are now moving back towards higher integrity colors, promoting glossy and strong hair. This is being achieved by leaving more natural or depth in between the blonde balayage, foliage or highlights, which creates more of a tweed finish. The mix of shades plus a velvety texture is perfect for the cooler months. How mamas can try it: This color is great on fair and medium skin tones. Busy mamas can maintain the color with a violet based shampoo.

6. Coral + copper

Okay, before you freak out mama, the color isn't as extreme as you think. If you feel like moms can't pull off this shade think again. The biggest incoming shades for 2020 are from tangerine, mandarin, burnt peach and golden red tones, says Reid. How mamas can try it: Try the color all over, as a balayage, foilage or even dip dye.