Yes, we're all quarantined at home and doing the best we can with our hair until salons open back up, but if we're being honest, even if the salons were open, it's still great to know cool hair hacks. Heat-free hair hacks are great to have in your back pocket when you're short on time.

And now is the perfect time to lay off the heat tools. "While salons are closed/not taking appointments, I suggest giving your hair all the TLC while we're all (should be) isolating," says Olivia Casanova, colorist at IGK Salon in New York. "Since you won't have any co-workers to impress, it's probably not a bad idea to lay off the hot tools while you can and give your hair a break."

In keeping that in mind, celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan shared the best heat-free hair hack and we're obsessed with it. She used an old pair of tights to create bouncy curls—no iron or dryer required.

"[I've] been doing this to my hair the past couple nights and I love the way it turns out," she captioned in a video on Instagram. "You just need an old pair of tights or stockings and damp hair. I love this technique because it creates more of a loose curl in the hair as opposed to a crimped effect like regular braids"

Wrapping the hair around the tights gives more of a curl as opposed to a crimped effect like regular braids, Marjan mentioned in the comments. The same technique can be applied to short hair, too.

Here's how to do this viral heat-free curl hack for perfect waves without the damage:

Step 1: Find an old pair of tights or stockings you don't mind stretching out.

Step 2: Slightly dampen hair.

Step 3: Clip the tights to the top of your head.

Step 4: Braid your hair, using the tights as one of the strands.

Step 5: Sleep on it!

Step 6: Unravel braids and fluff curls.

The stylist also tried another heatless overnight curl technique using the tie from a bathrobe. She twisted the top half of hair around it then crossed the bottom and let it sit overnight for a bigger, more bouncy curl pattern.

You can also try socks for even bigger waves."I slept with socks in my hair and the result was 90s supermodel curls," says the stylist.

Enjoy, mama!