After a busy day of shuttling kids, working and trying to think about what you can even get on the dinner table at night, one of the last things most of us want to do is then run back to the store for groceries. Walmart may have the solution: In a pilot program, Walmart is testing a home-delivery grocery service—that even allows employees to stock your fridge while you aren't home.

For some, the new program may feel like a leap into the future. Here's how it works: For customers with smart locks on their doors, delivery drivers will receive one-time entry codes. If the customer isn't home, the delivery driver can use that code to enter the house and load up the pantry with the goods. All the while, the customer can monitor the delivery driver's status via security cameras. Then—viola!—dinner ingredients are ready and waiting when everyone returns home.

But it seems some people are a bit wary of Walmart's new program with many commenting online they are more concerned with their privacy that their produce.

In a blog post on the announcement, Sloan Eddleson, vice president of Walmart eCommerce Strategy & Business Operations, acknowledged the inevitable push-back.

“What might seem novel today could be the standard tomorrow," Eddleson said. “This may not be for everyone—and certainly not right away—but we want to offer customers the opportunity to participate in tests today and help us shape what commerce will look like in the future."

The pilot program is launching on a small scale in Silicon Valley. Executives from the company said they will then evaluate expansion plans. The move comes as Walmart and Amazon continue to up the ante in their battle for customer loyalty—and convenience certainly seems to be a big factor for many of us buyers.

As for us, we're fine with having two strong options: Walmart to deliver our dinners and Amazon to delivery the wine to go along with them.