These are the headlines that made us smile this week:

This viral video of a baby copying her father is way too cute

This week ABC News highlighted a video mama Kimberley Tuller posted of her daughter, Amara Sanaa watching an NBA game with her dad Jarell and totally keeping up with his sports commentary.

According to Tuller, this little girl and her dad are totally inseparable, and if you watch the video it's so obvious.

"Come on man," Dad shouts at the game "Come on!"

"Come on man!" yells the little copy-cat. "It's a foul man! What?!"

Someone get this girl a show on ESPN.

Soccer player's reunion with 7-year-old son at World Cup goes viral ⚽

As reported by Today, U.S. women's national soccer team player Jessica McDonald's reunion with her son recently went viral. This all-star mama is busy working at the World Cup, but her son, Jeremiah came to meet his mama in the host country, France.

When McDonald shared the sweet moment on social media she captioned it "Welcome to France, son!"

McDonald is the only mother on the team of 23 women and says that while Jeremiah doesn't quite yet grasp that his mom is making history, she is sure that this will one day be a big deal for him.

"He doesn't fully understand, but at least he's an age right now where he's actually going to remember this," McDonald, 31, told The Associated Press recently. "He's going to look back and be like, 'Wow, I was there. Wow, my mom is actually cool— ike she said.'"

These two mamas traded places in their viral maternity photo and it is 😍

As Parents reports, the couple—Melanie and Vanessa Iris Roy— took two maternity pics a year apart. The first was shot when Vanessa Iris was pregnant with the couple's son Jax in 2014 and the second photo was snapped when Melanie was about to give birth to their daughter Ero in 2015.

"Trading places," Melanie captioned the split screen image.

"Vanessa and I have always said we would both like to carry," Melanie told The Huffington Post. "It's crazy to see that people were referring to my family as an inspiration. We are still in complete shock," she explained.

This viral video of a baby being "blown away" by a fan is spreading joy ❤️

As TIME reports, dad Spencer Fitch took this video of his 3-month-old baby girl, Teagan, experiencing the joy of a fan for the first time.

At first, Teagan doesn't know what to make of it, soon bewilderment becomes pure excitement.

When Fitch posted the video online it went viral because it is so joyful.

"I personally feel that it takes the audience back to a time where everything felt new and exciting. This is quite evident in Teagan's facial expression!" Fitch told TIME. "She is very excitable."

This viral photoshoot features newborns dressed as Buzz + Woody 😍

To cuteness and beyond! 🚀

This 'Toy Story' themed newborn photoshoot by Belly Beautiful Portraits is one of the sweetest things we've seen all week.

As PopSuga r reports , these tiny twins were captured by photographer Karen Hourscht and outfitted in crocheted costumes made by The Yarn Mermaid of Etsy.

What an adorable way to capture a relationship that will likely last a lifetime.

Are you humming "you've got a friend in me" yet? 🎶

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