This story was originally published on February 12, 2020 Love is in the air, the flower orders have been placed, and dinner reservations have been made—that’s right, Mama, Valentine’s Day week is here. If you’re not exactly loving it, we get you: Scrambling to get our kids’ cards ready, hoping our heart-shaped cookie cutters arrive in time, and debating whether to celebrate with our partners or blow off those romantic V-day plans. Just another (holiday) week in the life of a busy mama! The best thing about Valentine’s Day? Chocolate, obviously. The worst thing? The fact that it’s not a federal holiday, which means we still have to power through the full week. Luckily, we have some hilarious viral moments to keep you smiling through the chaos…and a viral video that will make you feel seen.

These are the viral moments that made us smile this week:

These exhausted parents fell asleep during their newborn’s (now viral) photoshoot ?

In those early days of parenthood, we are often obsessed with capturing the cuteness of our newborns—but if there’s one thing we want even more than those perfectly posed newborn photos, it’s sleep. New parents Cindhi and Ross Davis prove this in a now-viral photo snapped at Simply Joyful Moments Photography . That’s them, in the background, sleeping on the couch while photographer Sarah Jankowski created beautiful images of their newborn son, Theodore. “I remember leaning into my husband and thinking, ‘I’m just going to sit here and watch the shoot.’ That was my last thought,” Cindhi told Today. “Next thing I know, Sarah is like, ‘It’s done!’ And I was like, ‘What? What do you mean it’s done?’ I had passed out cold. It was the first bit of uninterrupted sleep we’d had since Theo was born.” Cindhi, we get you, mama! And Sarah, thank you for being a hero and letting these tired parents nap. ?

Viral video shows little girl reunited with her ‘daddy doll’

Kids losing things while traveling is pretty commonplace—but sometimes the loss is truly devastating. Such was the case for Kenley Britton, a little girl whose father is deployed. Kenley has a ‘daddy doll,’ which helps her cope with her dad’s absence; the doll even plays a recording of his voice. According to Kenley’s mama, the little girl will even play the recording when she wakes up in the middle of the night, and it immediately brings her peace. You can imagine how heartbroken this family was when the doll was lost during the family’s recent trip. Kenley’s mom, Arielle, posted on social media hoping for some help. Delta Airlines sprang to action…and amazingly, the team found the doll. “Daddy Doll is back home safe and sound and @delta not only showed up, but they showed out!” Arielle posted on Facebook. “They made sure Daddy doll got home ASAP and brought some Delta swag for Kenley…We are still so humbled by everyone who helped and everything that was done to make this happen so quickly!”

The original ‘pizza baby’ who sparked a viral trend turns 2!

The original ‘pizza baby’ is now two whole pies old! As you may recall, mama Dani Leigh went viral thanks to the photos she took of her son. Dani put her own tasty spin on the whole month-by-month photos many mamas take when she photographed her little one next to slices of pizza that indicate how old he is. “Pizza babe turns 2 tomorrow!!!!” the mama writes alongside the photo. “On National Pizza Day, he wants you to remember that the Earth is the only planet with PIZZA!” How adorable (and delicious) is this photo? And how creative is this mama’s idea? It spawned a serious trend in milestone photos, and it’s still just as cool as it was when this little guy was only one slice old.

Why we are still talking about the viral postpartum ad postpartum that didn’t air during the Oscars

The people at Frida did the best thing they’ve done since bringing their game-changing nose-sucker to market: They released a commercial that shows the honest, unfiltered side of being a new mother. Watching this commercial might take you right back to those initial days after giving birth. You’ll recognize the mesh underwear, the massive pad in the background, the careful positioning a mother’s body assumes when using the bathroom…and you’ll probably also remember the stinging pain that accompanies every bathroom in the aftermath of childbirth . That’s why Frida’s ad felt so revolutionary—it finally gave the world a look into what mothers really go through after they leave the hospital. Unfortunately, the ad was rejected from ABC and the Oscars and would not air during the awards show…and the people of social media have some strong feelings about this. “The fact that @ABCNetwork banned this ad is truly absurd. Society relies on us to bring children into the world and yet they can’t handle the truth about postpartum,” one user tweeted . Another added : “No idea about their products. But I’ve never seen an accurate portrayal in the media of what it looks like to be a postpartum new mother. The stomach pouch, the blood, the leaking breasts, the haemorrhoids [sic], the sheer fatigue that penetrates your bones.” Amen. We are happy to finally see the postpartum experience represented accurately. We believe everyone should know what early motherhood truly entails…and we applaud Frida Mom for putting out this important ad.

This viral video of a mother-daughter reunion is ?

Lawyer Luis Cortes Romero made the internet sob this week when he posted a video of his mom seeing her mom for the first time in 30 years. Grab some tissues before hitting play on this powerful tweet. “I surprised my mom by reuniting her with her parents after 3 decades of them not seeing each other. Her parents live in MX, and my mom cannot visit bc of her [immigration] status. When I went to law school, I vowed to figure out a way to reunite them, & was able to help them get visas,” Cortes Romero captioned the video. “I will note that we had to go through four denials, and the visas were granted on the fifth try. They live in a small rural town in Mex, so it required them to travel for several hours by bus each time. Her dad is deaf/mute and illiterate, so it made things more challenging,” he explained in another tweet. But this son was determined to reunite his mama with her parents and he did. Three decades is a long time, but a mother’s love is forever.

This 5-year-old saved his family from a fire + his heroic story is going viral

He’s only 5 years old but Noah Woods of Bartow County, Georgia is being hailed as a hero after saving his 2-year-old sister from a house fire, CNN reports. When Noah woke up to find the bedroom he shares with his sister was full of smoke he pulled his sister out of an open window, then went back in and rescued the family dog. He then took his little sister to his uncle’s house next door. The rest of his sleeping family, six people, were then wakened and saved, thanks to his actions. “If it wasn’t for Noah, we may not be here today. The electrical fire began in the children’s bedroom. Noah woke to flames in his room. He quickly grabbed up his 2-year-old sister, Lilly, opened the bedroom window, climbed out the window, and ran next door to get help from his uncle, our son, Josh,” Noah’s grandfather, David Woods wrote on GoFundMe. Noah’s family is trying to rebuild their lives after losing their home and is grateful for the donations that are helping them as they plan to stay in a motel temporarily and will then have to rent a home while they rebuild. The fire department is grateful that a little boy saved so many lives. “We’ve seen children alert their families before,” Bartow County Fire Department Chief Dwayne Jamison told CNN. “But for a 5-year-old to be alert enough to do this … that’s pretty extraordinary.”