For many families being at home all the time is feeling less weird and more like a new normal. This isn't the spring we expected, but new routines are being formed and old relationships are blossoming through new mediums. We are in a period of adjustment. Our kids are adjusting and so are their parents and teachers.

This is hard, but there are so many happy moments to celebrate.

There are the stories making us smile this week:

This teacher's viral TikTok song perfectly expresses parents' feelings right now

makeshift.macaroni on TikTok

A TikTok user named Liz, who says she teaches first grade, used the app and music to share her feelings about the overnight transition to distance learning.

In the viral video, she says: "As some of you guys might know, I'm a music teacher, and I've found that one of the best ways that I can process the whole transition to online learning and teaching is to write a song. So, I wrote a song, and I'd like to share that with you guys now. Here we go."

What happens next perfectly sums up how so many parents are feeling now.

Thanks for the laugh, Liz!

Viral video shows woman explaining the pandemic to her past self

Comedian Julie Nolke is going mega-viral on YouTube for bringing some humor to current events. Her viral hit shows her present day self explaining the pandemic to her past-self, who felt like 2020 had already seen some historic news events.

"I'm Julie for 4 months in the future," new Julie tells her old self.

"Put a little money in Zoom [stock]," she explains. "While you're being proactive, do a Costco run."

Nolke's past self was looking forward to doing some travel for work, and her future self laughs.

"Your definition of 'a pretty big deal' is going to change for sure."

For. Sure.

This viral photo of a teacher being there for her student will make you 😭

The little girl in this viral photo is Hannah. She still has Zoom events with her friends from school, but recently she's become withdrawn and her teacher noticed, even without seeing her face-to-face.

Hannah's mom Kelly Close posted this image to Facebook, writing: "Hannah's class has a Zoom session each evening. Last night she got really sad and kinda shut down. Today her teacher came over and hung out for a bit...They chatted, read books, and just talked. This woman has FIVE kids at home and STILL she sat in my driveway for an hour to make sure Hannah was okay."

That teacher is Katie Ricca of North Bay Haven Charter Academy in Florida and she is a hero.

Pink and her family are fully recovered from COVID-19

As Today reports, Pink is going viral for sharing an update on how her family is doing now that Pink and her son Jameson are recovered from COVID-19.

Back on April 3rd, Pink opened up about her family's fight against coronavirus , taking to Instagram to make the announcement. "Two weeks ago my 3-year old son, Jameson, and I are were showing symptoms of COVID-19," Pink revealed, noting that she tested positive and has since recovered.

It's now been nearly a month since Jameson and his mom got sick and Pink's latest family photo proves her youngest is now full of energy.

"Whose child is this," Pink captioned the pic, which shows Jameson in a rock star pose that reminded Pink's followers of his mom.

We're so happy to see him feeling so much better!