Last week we asked our Facebook followers if the pandemic ended today at 3 pm, what they would be doing by 6 PM, and the answers did not disappoint. In a year that has been incredibly hard and has tested us as individuals as well as collectively as a society, everyone is ready for COVID-19 to go away so we can return to some sense of normalcy. With the first vaccines rolling out this week and being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, let's enjoy these responses and wait patiently for when we can all venture outside again and lick the pavement (full-on toddler style).

These were the best responses from our Facebook post:

    1. Hold a big bonfire at my house, with an open invitation to anyone that wants to gather with music, food, and of course tossing our masks into the fire! - Amber S.
    2. Absolutely nothing as my daughter has it....or would that mean she wouldn't have it and we would all be free? If so we'd probably go for a post-dinner walk. - Toni M.
    3. Go on a long extended family trip! We've all earned it. - Cassi G.
    4. Probably booking tickets to a concert or the theater and enjoying family dinner with my extended family. - Cammie D.
    5. Nothing different lol. My life really hasn't changed much. - Urkel G.
    6. Eating out at an actual restaurant, after a late afternoon spent at our local, and very "hands-on" children's museum. Over dinner, we would plan our travels. - Kora D.
    7. Omg! Dinner at a restaurant, concert, sporting event, a holiday party but probably go see my 94-year-old grandfather who I haven't been able to see since the pandemic started as my kiddos still have to go to daycare! - Lauren N.
    8. Go to see my dad and give him a hug then tomorrow go see more family. - Veronica W.
    9. Spend unmasked time with my family and my baby girl hugging them and taking lots of photos of us together. And just breathe easier and go to sleep not being scared of my family getting sick. - Nicole L.
    10. Waking up great and blessed thankful ( it's 6 in the morning in the Philippines), probably going to church, take my kid to the park. - Sabrina G.
    11. Same thing getting my kids ready for bed ♀️ we were quarantining before it was cool. - Megan M.
    12. Finding a babysitter for date night! - Rebeka H.
    13. Booking every vacation possible. - Rachel B.
    14. Dropping the baby off with the grandparents so they could get some cuddle time and we could get something done! - Mary B.
    15. Breathe easier about having (and not having/disappointing) visitors after we welcome number 2 any day now. - Michelle S.
    16. Eating a huge holiday amount of food with my family. - Elizabeth K.
    17. Driving over to my family and giving them all giant and long hugs! - Lauren C.
    18. Have a party and invite all my friends and family and hug every one of them! - Meredith L.
    19. Letting my 5-month-old meet our family. - Ali L.
    20. Scheduling the celebration party I will be having with other parents that kids will be back to school the next day! - Amanda G.
    21. I would be running around with my 4-year-old at my local Chuck E Cheese. - Pauly R.
    22. Booking a flight for my mom to come visit. - Liisa L.
    23. Give kisses and hugs to my grandparents. - Myrna G.
    24. Dinner followed by a movie or two at the theater then buying tickets to at least three concerts! - Mariah U.
    25. Taking the baby to be with his grandparents and uncles. - Magaly T.
    26. Inviting every single family member over! - Allison O.
    27. Probably still cleaning up from dinner like usual. - Brittany S.
    28. Sitting in a Mexican restaurant drinking margaritas!! - Sarah V.
    29. Sitting in a coffee shop on a date with my husband!! - Jolie M.
    30. Having all my friends over and having a raging party. - Kate S.
    31. Take a plane to Italy! ✈️ ❤️ - Marianna C.
    32. Nothing different ♀️ pretty much life as normal here anyway. - Sarah C.
    33. Going across the border to see my grandma! Shelby S.
    34. Target. - Jenna H.
    35. Drive my 9-month old around, proudly introducing him to our huge extended family he hasn't met yet. ❤️- Stephanie L.
    36. Our baby girl is due any day now. I would book the first flight over from Australia, for my Mumma to come and be with me for the birth of my first child. ❤ - Amy T.
    37. Hugging every friend I have (and letting my kids do the same). Signing my kids up for activities again. Booking my parents a flight to visit for Christmas. Driving 14 hours straight to walking into the nursing home to give my 101-year-old grandmother (who is a COVID survivor) a huge hug and a kiss. - Angie D.
    38. Same as every day probably. Preparing food, feed my kid and changing his diaper and then I would be outside taking a walk with him. Pandemic or not, it's my real life with a toddler. - Ana G.
    39. Go to a movie and get the largest popcorn they have. - Alissa N.
    40. Nothing different. My daughter usually takes a nap at five or six. so I would be reading a book, watching YouTube, or folding laundry. - Andrea A.
    41. I would be hosting a huge dinner party with all my family and friends & let them all snuggle and kiss my 1-month-old (that they haven't been able to yet) and then every single day going forward I would bring my 2-year-old to a play place and the park and have play dates for him! I'd also probably get a babysitter one night & go drink a bottle of wine. It's been a little stressful. (And I was pregnant since the beginning). - Tiffany J.
    42. I'd be on a plane to Serbia to introduce my son to my family. - Ana M.
    43. Telling all the family to come see my baby. - Jen J.