Drumroll, please: Pinterest released their list of the most popular search terms for children’s Halloween costumes in 2017...and it doesn’t get any cuter.

Here are the most sought-after looks for littles this All Hallows’ Eve. (Bonus: most are DIY-friendly!)

10. Cars, Lightning McQueen: If your kiddo can’t get enough of all things that go “vroom,” then get them all revved up for trick-or-treating with this adorable car costume from the Cars franchise. A crafty mom made this ensemble using cardboard, masking tape, duct tape, and spray paint.

After October 31st, you can hang it in their bedroom as decor so they can enjoy it all year round. ?


9. Mandrake Baby: In the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter, a mandrake is a plant with roots shaped like a human. Whenever unearthed, the root screams (sound familiar, new mamas?). Perfect for Potter fans, this tongue-in-cheek costume is a cinch to pull together for your little one’s first Halloween.


8. Trolls: These adorable creatures dance, sang, and hugged their way into our kids’ hearts. For Halloween, your toddler will get a kick from rocking their crazy-colorful hair! Recreate this whimsical look with a teased headpiece and tulle skirt to match.

7. Pineapple baby: Food-themed costumes are on the upswing, and Pinterest users can’t get enough of pineapples, in particular. With this precious fruit baby onesie, it’s not hard to see why. The green felt neckline is a fuss-free alternative for even the youngest of babies.

6. Belle: Parents are turning to a tale as old as time for Halloween inspiration this year. Searches for Beauty & the Beast costumes are up a whopping 680% thanks to the live-action remake. Your child can channel Belle in her signature sunny-yellow ball gown or a fuzzy (and much less frightening) Beast.

5. Mermaid: In 2017, the mermaid craze extended itself to everything from toast to seashell crowns to runway makeup. But there’s no better time to indulge our under-the-sea fantasy than on the ultimate dress-up day of the year. Tots will adore this shimmering “tail” skirt, which features organza in five different shades to create a scale-like effect.

4. Cupcake: Does your child have a sweet tooth? If so, then they’ll appreciate this dessert-themed getup complete with pom-pom “sprinkles.” A laundry basket and poster papers were used to form the accordion base of the wrapper.

3. Jelly Beans: Have your candy and wear it, too. Searches for Halloween jelly bean costumes are up 370%, and one reason why—aside from the obvious fun factor—is that it can be thrown together in just a few minutes.

All you need to do is fill a clear garbage bag or mesh laundry bag with colorful balloons, and print out the Jelly Belly logo to affix to your child’s t-shirt.

2. Yoda: Hmmm, fascinating this is. Recreate it you must! With over 180,000 saves, this quirky costume is a stellar pick for Star Wars fans-in-training on their first Halloween.

1. Moana: Disney's newest kick-butt heroine tops the most coveted list of children’s costumes this year. Your little voyager will be ready to set sail and embark on an adventure in a burlap skirt and patterned red top—with optional oar. Just don’t blame us if they want to sing the (supremely catchy) soundtrack 20 times that day.

Tell us: Which of these kids Halloween costumes is your favorite?