Do you ever feel like you've got a dozen Valentines on your shopping list, but that love's just not reciprocated? (Well, at least not in gift form!) We're all for warm cuddles and a back rub, but wouldn't it be nice if you ALSO got that luxurious pregnancy pillow you've been eyeing? Or that dream travel crib so you can leave baby at Grandma's and have a weekend to yourself? We've got you, mama.

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There's the magazine cover photo of the new celebrity mom glowing as she looks down at the beautiful, sleeping baby in her armsβ€”and then there's real life.

In real life, postpartum mothers are just as likely to be wearing diapers as their babies are, and bumps need months to deflate.

That's why we're so grateful for the way celebrities are ditching damaging narratives about postpartum perfection and embracing the messy authenticity of new motherhood. Thanks to these modern mamas, the rest of us are seeing our own experiences reflected in pop culture, and that lets us know we're not alone.

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