Fall Maternity Style

7 pregnancy-friendly pieces that will keep you warm in the colder months.

Fall Maternity Style
Styling a baby bump is exciting but challenging, especially in the second and third trimester, when your body starts enduring some real physical change. As we step away from summer, where pants were optional and shapeless, breezy dresses were all the rage, fall and winter require more coverage. That said, you can define your beautiful pregnant shape without getting lost in all the layers. Keep in mind that although getting dressed takes more effort in cooler months, there are ways to maximize efficiency while still looking and feeling amazing. Here are 7 fall pieces you need for your maternity wardrobe. 1. ASOS Mamalicious Denim Overall: The versatility of overalls is endless. Keep it casual with a pair of sneakers and elevate the look with a pair of heels. Wear this pair from ASOS now with blazers or layering knits, but you can pair it with a tank once it gets hot again. $105, buy it here. 2. Seraphine Maternity & Nursing Sweater: Sweaters that fit over the bump are key, and this one from Seraphine is cozy, trend-right, perfectly accentuates the bump and can be worn during your postpartum days when breastfeeding. $99, buy it here. 3. Current/Elliot x Hatch New Boyfriend Jean: an all around pair of denim, wearable in every area of life, is key. This boyfriend style from Current/Elliot and Hatch is cool, casual and most importantly comfortable. $258, buy here. 4. Loyal Hana Layla Dress: Having a few dresses in the rotation will make getting dressed super simple during your morning routine. This one from Loyal Hana is cute with both booties or sneakers. Pair with tights and a cozy sweater on chillier days. And keep it around for your postpartum days when breastfeeding (think: hidden zipper!). $150, buy here. 5. Zara Oversized Blazer: not specifically maternity, this oversized blazer is a wear-with-everything layer throughout the cooler months. And you will have it for years to come. $99.90, buy here. 6. A Pea In The Pod Twill Pant: trade out leggings for a cute pair of maternity cargos, which will keep your total look elevated while remaining comfortable. $88, buy here. 7. Isabella Oliver Rosliston Jumpsuit: Look good, feel good, and be comfortable in this cotton jumpsuit that is as wear-to-work appropriate as it is playground-friendly. $175, buy here.  

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