Parents around the world have been holding their breath, hoping that 12 Thai boys—a soccer team—and their coach would be rescued from a cave system that filled with water while the team was exploring.

The team of boys ages 11 to 16 spent 18 days trapped in the cave before rescuers were finally able
to get them to safety, one by one.

Now, people in Thailand and around the world are rejoicing as the entire team has been rescued from
the cave. On Facebook, the Thai NavySEALS shared the nation’s joy.


The rescue was incredibly challenging, as the boys had to first be located by divers, then
stabilized and finally assisted in a treacherous underwater journey out of the cave. One rescuer,
Saman Gunan, died during the rescue efforts.

According to the BBC,

“he lost consciousness on his way out of the Tham Luang cave complex on Thursday 6 July, where he
had been delivering oxygen tanks.”

Gunan is being remembered as a hero who lost his life in a daring rescue that saved so many others.

The boys were airlifted to hospital after being removed from the cave.

According to

The Guardian

, the boys are now being kept in isolation to avoid the risk of infection, and will remain in the
hospital for one week. They are able to finally see their parents again, through a window (for

Our hearts go out to the parents who probably just can’t wait to hug their boys, but can at last
sleep soundly knowing their sons are finally safely above ground.