If there's one thing we can expect from Amy Schumer, it's total honesty. From her pregnancy to her early days as a mother, Amy has been candid (and hilarious) about the hardships that come along with the territory. But now Amy is dropping the funny and getting real about something she loves about the postpartum experience.

She shared a photo of herself and husband, Chris Fischer, with their son, Gene, enjoying a family day at the beach. Amy wears a seriously chic one-piece swimsuit while her husband carries their babyโ€”it looks like the perfect family day, which is reflected in her caption: "We're good."


Fans are loving the shot and are reaching out to praise how fantastic the new mama (she welcomed baby Gene about three months ago) is looking. "Did you just deliver a small human? My youngest is 23, and you're my swimsuit goal," writes one follower. "So beautiful a normal woman's body you look great!!" another adds.

Amy's reply? "I am loving my warm soft post-baby body. Grateful to be feeling so strong again!" she writes. Yes, mama!

Adjusting to your postpartum body can be weird. Even if you look amazing to everyone else (like Amy clearly does), it's normal to just feel offโ€”that combination of hormonal shifts, the sudden loss of your baby bump, and the insane physical recovery from childbirth can really do a number on you.

But when you get to the point where you feel at home in your body again? That's pretty amazing, especially when you realize how incredible it is that your body produced this little human. Amy has clearly reached that point, and we love that she's celebrating it.

The comedian has been through a lot, from a battle with extreme nausea from hyperemesis during pregnancy to a C-section recovery, so it's wonderful to see her feeling strong. Of course, it's not all smooth sailing (is it ever when you have a newborn?). The actress also shared a photo of herself being pushed in a beach wheelchair, presumably because she wasn't feeling 100% during the family outing (understandable as she had major surgery to remove an entire person from her body). But all in all, it seems like Amy is crushing the new mama game and feeling strong and gorgeous while doing so.

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