Anyone who’s watched even five minute of Fixer Upper can see Chip and Joanna Gaines are a perfectly matched couple. He’s the silly one, she’s a little more serious, and they compliment each other like no one else would.

To a lot of fans, the Gaineses seem to have perfect marriage, but Chip’s Valentine’s Day tweet to his expecting wife is reminding everyone that just like renovations, relationships take effort.

“No such thing as a ‘perfect marriage,’” Gaines tweeted this morning. “For me, its always been simple: commitment. Every morning I wake up committed, and pray that she chooses the same. And so today, again, I choose my beautiful bride. To have and to hold.. till death do us part. #HappyValentinesDay sweet girl!”

The couple have certainly proven their commitment to each other in recent months, first announcing the end of Fixer Upper, citing a desire to slow down and focus on family, and then announcing a pregnancy.

These announcements came after rumors about their marriage, which Chip addressed on the Today show. “The most important thing in the world is Jo and I’s relationship, followed very quickly by these four beautiful kids. And we didn’t want to push it, red-line it for so long that we woke up and realized we are at a point of no return.”

We’re glad to see the couple that are #relationshipgoals for so many being so real about what it takes to have a great marriage. Just like old houses, every marriage has cracks or worn spots. Nobody’s is perfect, but with a little work they can be wonderful.