Christina Perri is opening up about how her family is coping following the stillbirth of their baby girl two months ago.

The Jar of Hearts singer shared an image to her Instagram Stories this week, showing herself and husband Paul Costabile holding hands with their daughter, Carmella, 3.

"We're healing. A tiny bit every day we take another step forward," wrote Perri.

The singer was in the third trimester of her pregnancy when the couple lost their daughter.

"I keep describing grief as a house," Perri added. "I live in this house now, I just go from room to room. Paul and Carmella are here in the grief house too. We are healing together and alone."

Christina Perri shares how her family is coping after the stillbirth of their daughter
Christina Perri/Instagram

Families who have experienced a loss like miscarriage or stillbirth will recognize themselves in Perri's analogy.

Grief is different for every person. You can find strength in grieving with other loved ones; it's normal to feel isolated in your experience, too. There is no 'right' way to respond to loss.

Perri added that the hardest part has been watching their 3 year old daughter, Carmella, grieve.

"But she is made of stars. She keeps lighting our darkness."

"Some days we take 3 steps forward and some days we don't move. Love is guiding us," Perri continued. "We keep facing the sun. We keep trying to be ok. We're doing all the therapies and healing things someone can do. We know this is a long road."

Perri ended her message by thanking her fans and loved ones for their messages and support in the past few months.

It matters that Perri is sharing how her family is navigating their loss and grief.

Pregnancy loss is devastating and sadly, all too common. It happens to one in four women. It happens every single day to families across the globe.

By sharing the realities of life following the loss of their baby, Perri is inviting other women to reflect on their losses, too. She's letting other women know that they're not alone.

So many of us have felt her pain. We've been in the grief house, too.

We're thankful that even in the depths of her pain, Perri has the strength to share her story.

It matters.