We’ve all had an unfortunate night on the toilet after something disagrees with us. But Hilary Duff, mom to 3-year-old Banks, had the pleasure of having her news shared with her daughter’s soccer coaches. Banks told her coaches her mom, the How I Met Your Mother star, "gave herself diarrhea" due to some “bad chicken.”

Duff shared a message from her assistant, Lauren, on her Instagram, conveying the message: “Banks told a story at camp...'my mom made bad chicken and now she has diarrhea...that's what happens when you make bad chicken.”

Hilary Duff/Instagram

Duff learned the hard way about oversharing with kids, writing in her post “Whoaaa! Don’t trust your kids! Home girl ousted me to the soccer coaches,” followed by another picture of Banks laughing on a swing, with an on-screen caption “THE RAT.”

Hilary Duff/Instagram

Duff is the mother of three kids, having welcomed her third in March 2021. In addition to Banks, she shares 1-year-old Mae with her husband, musician Matthew Koma. She has a 10-year-old son as well, named Luca, with her ex Mike Comrie.

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It’s not the first poop story Duff has shared with the world, making her a more than relatable mom. In a February 2022 Romper story, called “Hilary Duff Never Meant to Make it Look Easy,” where the reporter peeks in the window during a house tour, noting a pile of poop in the living room. “Oh, ugh, hang on a sec” she says, disappearing to handle the poopy situation courtesy of her dog, turning her into every mom trying to get their (literal) crap together while working.

In an interview with People, she brings up the dichotomy of motherhood, saying she’s both “doing really good” but also “stretched really thin.” She checks in with herself in the midst of parenting — “Am I OK? OK, I’m OK.” Even though she says she’s thankful to have nannies and helpers, she says her kids really want mom, mentioning “mom cooks the thing the right way.” Except when she…doesn’t, like in the unfortunate case of the “bad chicken.”

Fans seriously respond to her honesty through parenting, from her diarrhea incident to posting a picture with some sort of fluid all over her sweatshirt, with the caption “Been one of those days.”

One commenter wrote, “Thank you for showing us the tough days too! ❤️”. Another posted “I feel so seen right now.” 

Hilary Duff often keeps things real when it comes to parenting, and her recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show is no exception. She shared a very sobering, very real piece of advice to parents of newborns: those first two weeks don't count when it comes to your baby's behavior.

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“Don’t get fooled by the first two weeks because you have an angel baby. They just haven’t woken up yet,” Duff said to Clarkson. “You have those friends who are like, ‘This baby is sleeping through the night,’” she continued. “Just wait two weeks. They don’t know they’ve entered the world yet.”

Banks’ overshare aligns perfectly with Duff’s recent advice on kids—“Don’t get fooled by the first two weeks when they haven’t woken up yet.” Banks sure has woken up, and has plenty to say as a toddler not worrying much about her celebrity mom’s reputation, and we are all here for it.