Sports Illustrated model, mom, and all-around amazing human Hunter McGrady revealed that she's pregnant with her second child. And while that's super exciting all on its own, it's the video she shared that will really get you. Especially the part where she tells her husband, Brian Keys, that he's going to be a dad x2.

The video shows McGrady learning of her pregnancy alongside her sister, and sharing the news with her genuinely surprised husband and very emotional family members (her mom's reaction will make you cry).

"Well, I guess it's time to share the news! Hudson is going to be a big brother!" McGrady said of her 14-month-old son. "We couldn't be more excited to enter this new season of life in growing our family. I'm feeling all the emotions from excitement to nervous to giddy!"

McGrady, who is due in March 2023, says her second pregnancy has already been "wildly different" than her first. (Raise your hand if you can relate!)

"Can't wait to share this journey again with you guys over the next few months as you all were so gracious and supportive during the last time," she said in regard to her podcast, "Model Citizen," where she shares even more details about her pregnancy and pregnancy reveals.

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We love Hunter McGrady for many, many reasons—and her dedication to body-positivity and anti-fatness is one of them. She previously opened up about how difficult it is to be plus-size and pregnant, but not because of anything to do with her health.

"When I embarked on this journey I was excitedly googling pregnancy, plus size pregnancy, bump pictures, updates, all the things! However, I never saw myself represented," she wrote on Instagram in 2021. "Plus size and pregnant. Being plus size the representation already falls incredibly short, but being plus size AND pregnant? Forget it."

"I knew going into this my belly wasn't going to be this perfect little round thing that just bops out, I knew I wouldn't have options for maternity wear, I knew my body would change in different ways than I have seen my whole life, and yet I don't know if I was prepared for how much the plus size pregnancy representation lacks," she wrote.

And she's absolutely right. Maternity fashion is already lacking so much, particularly if you don't have a lot of money to spend on a wardrobe or if you're not conventionally thin. (I speak from experience on that one.)

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Here's hoping Hunter McGrady continues to shine a light on these types of issues the second time around—with her platform and engaging personality, only good things can come from her using her voice! (It remains to be seen whether she'll have to experience the special form of torture known as the Foley Bulb during her next delivery.)

Congratulations to the beautiful mama on her exciting news!