John Stamos just captured one of parenthood's most relatable emotional moments: sending your kid off for their first day of school. Cue the tears!

In his recent Instagram post, Stamos, 59, is smiling at the camera alongside his 4-year-old son, and mini-me, Billy.

With a sweet caption that reads, "One of us is starting his first day at school. And the other is doing everything in his power not to cry," the father and son duo are both matching in white polos and mesmerizing smiles.

If there was any doubt as to what John Stamos' kid would look like, well, the full head of shiny, luscious hair confirms it all. In the photo, Billy stands slightly behind his father, in khaki shorts and a look that clearly says he's more prepared for his first day of school than his father is.

John Stamos who shares son Billy with wife, Caitlin McHugh Stamos, frequently shares family moments on Instagram.

Earlier in the summer he posted this adorable photo with yet another caption that just makes your heart melt.

"The little moments. The 'micro-transitions' that take place in between life's big events. I like those the best."

Surely other parents and caregivers can attest to this very same feeling. Big events have their own moments but it's the little ones, dotted in between major milestones, where you look at your child and think, oh my, there's my little baby slowly, but also somehow quickly, growing up, that are truly so special.

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The photos of John Stamos and his son on Instagram are cuteness overload but it wasn't exactly a smooth road for the "Full House" star to transition into parenthood.

In an interview, he said that it took a while for that special parent connection to form between them, and he wants parents to know that that is OK.

"Six months in or so I was like, 'I love my son, but I don't feel that connection that I always thought I would,' and [Bob] Saget said to me, 'Just wait until he laughs at you one time. You do a joke and he laughs at you,'" Stamos said. "And then Billy did that, and we've been connected ever since."

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And, for anyone who is thinking about having children later in life he is a full advocate.

"If men in their mid-50s are afraid of taking it on, I hope I'm setting an example," he said. "It's a little harder because he runs faster than I do, but other than that, it's the greatest thing in my life. I'm so happy I did it."

John Stamos married his wife in 2018 and it was just a few months later that their family of two became a family of three!

Their son, William "Billy" Christopher is named after Stamos' own father. How sweet is that?

He says he wasn't sure that it would even happen for him. Maybe, he said, the universe had already blessed him with other things so fatherhood wouldn't be in the cards. But, then everything changed.

"I really had to straighten up my life, and the universe said, 'OK, we'll give you a shot at fatherhood,' and then it happened," he said.