We've never felt more like hugging Lena Dunham. Her moving essay about her decision to have her uterus removed -- despite wanting so badly to experience pregnancy -- opens the door to more honest, open conversations about fertility, and the many paths that women often must take to become a mother. Check it out in our weekly links, along with all the other stuff your mom group is talking about now.

1. Pregnancy isn't always a sure thing. Lena Dunham shares how she said goodbye to any chance she'll ever have at carrying a baby, and the surprising sense of hope she found on the other side of her hysterectomy.

2. Trying to put up the good fight when it comes to stretch marks? The top-selling pregnancy stretch mark brand in the U.S. just released an updated formula that's worth slathering on. Find out why we're crushing on Palmer's new Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks.

3. Ever wonder what became of all those baby products you saw on Shark Tank? Here's the definitive list of the best ones.

4. Competing in the Olympics or Paralympics is no easy feat. Doing it while balancing motherhood. All hail. Here are 5 ladies who deserve the gold.

5. After this week's horrific school shooting in Florida, we need to talk about policy and change. But do we need to talk to our kids about it? Here's what the American Psychological Association has to say.