Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara are set to welcome their second baby later this year, but in a recent interview with PEOPLE, the singer is opening up about something many pregnant people can relate to—how hard it is to shave when you reach a certain point.

Trainor has her first book release next week: Dear Future Mama, a guide to pregnancy, birth and new motherhood that she wrote after welcoming her 2-year-old son Riley with her husband, Spy Kids actor Daryl Sabara.

So it only makes sense that she keeps it real with her fans and future readers, and anyone who’s pregnant knows that a razor + a big baby bump = a daunting task. So she had her husband step in.

“He shaved everything,” Trainor says of Sabara, whom she married in 2018. “For the C-section, I don’t know why, but I was like, ‘I want a clear path. I want nothing in the way, so make sure it’s gorgeous down there,’ so they could see everything. And he did that for me.”

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And it looks like things won’t be super different the second time around, either.

“I told him yesterday, ‘I’m at that point where I can’t see, I can’t reach, I can’t bend.’ He’ll do anything for me. And I’m finally at a place where when I have to get up to pee, I say, ‘Push,’ and Daryl rolls me off [the bed].”

Now that’s the kind of partnership we like to see! I had the fortune to be heavily pregnant twice in the summertime, so I vividly remember being too swollen and big to buckle my own sandals or tie my own shoes. What else are husbands for?

Trainor reflected on Sabara’s support when was recovering after delivering Riley via C-section—a huge recovery process that certainly isn’t easy on anyone.

“He changed my diapers, he would take the bloody underwear for me and throw it away… I had a C-section; how do I bend down to pick up my underwear and my diapers? Because you have to wear diapers after,” Trainor says. “I was like, ‘Daryl, I got to pee, come with me.’ And some husbands, some couples we talk to, they’re like, ‘He did what?’ And I’m like, ‘Well, how else would I get them up?’ I don’t get it. I’m like, ‘How do people survive without a Daryl?'”

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Good question. Partners, take notes: be like Daryl.