The phrasing varies, but it’s a question every parent asks at some point. Are we done having kids? Do I want more? Is this family complete? It’s a hard question for many, but when you know, you just know, according to actress Mila Kunis.

The 34-year-old Bad Moms star recently revealed to PEOPLE that she and husband Ashton Kutcher have completed their family. Kunis says three-year-old daughter, Wyatt, and 11-month-old son Dmitri won’t be welcoming any more siblings.

“I will only have two,” Kunis told People, noting that she thinks parenting gets harder when the kids outnumber the adults. “Right now, we’re fine. One hand, one hand. One eye, one eye. Two people, two kids,” she says. “But I have heard [moving from] two to three is the hard [jump].” (According to plenty of other moms, she’s right).

Kunis has previously opened up about the challenges she’s faced balancing career and family, and says two children is the perfect amount for her family.

“People that have two kids, [they] grow up and they’re 10 and 8 and play with each other and take care of themselves,” she says.

Kunis and Kutcher are stopping where a lot of people do: The average number of children per American family is 2.01.

It seems two is the “magic number” for a lot of families, and with good reason. According to a study published in the journal Demography, the birth of a first and second child briefly increases happiness, but a third does not.

That being said, two is too much for some of us. The same study found couples whose happiness levels dip after the birth of their first child have a lower probability of having another (stopping at one is also a perfectly valid choice, I note as a mom of one).

Two may be the right number for Kunis, but for other families, the magic number may be three, or four or seven. It’s a personal choice, and some people know how many they want before the kids are even born, while others play it by ear.


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Whether you decided to have two kids or 10, you’ll know when to stop if you can answer yes to the question is my family complete?

For Kunis, the answer is yes, and we’re as happy for her as we would be if she announced another pregnancy. Knowing your family is complete is definitely something to celebrate.