When it comes to stories about women and their bodies, Natalie Portman wants news agencies to "do better."

Over the weekend, the actress called out the New York Post and their subsidiary outlet, Page Six, after they ran an article alleging she's pregnant.

Why did Page Six speculate on a potential pregnancy for Portman? The publication said that in paparazzi photos, it appeared that the actress stepped out, "seemingly with a baby bump."

What does that mean? While Portman was out doing errands one day, a stranger took photos of her. In some pictures, her stomach doesn't appear perfectly flat.

That's not newsworthy. And Portman knows it.

The mother of two shared a screenshot of the offensive article to her Instagram Stories.

"Hey, so I'm totally not pregnant…" the Oscar winner wrote.

"But apparently it's still OK in 2021 for anyone to speculate and comment on a woman's body shape whenever they want? Do better @NYPost."

The New York Post and Page Six have yet to respond to Portman. So we will: it's not okay.

It is never appropriate to comment on another person's body. Period.

Women come in all shapes and sizes. Our bodies are powerful and important; they birth babies and carry our dreams and ambitions.

Women's bodies do not exist for someone else's viewing pleasure.

Also, we'll announce our pregnancies when we're ready. Some families choose to reveal pregnancy news right away; others keep it to themselves until the baby has arrived. The only "right" way to announce a pregnancy is the way that the parents decide.

It's certainly not with photographs taken by strangers and comments about the size of a woman's waist.

Again, our bodies do not exist for your viewing pleasure.

We're tired of having to say that. Portman's right: it's 2021. It's time to do better.