During an appearance on “The Tonight Show” this week, Rupert Grint shared a little tidbit about toddler life that basically set the bar for fellow dads to meet. Why, you ask? He built his two-year-old daughter her own Target play store.

Everyone’s favorite Harry Potter Weasley was a guest on Monday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where he shared that his toddler daughter Wednesday’s latest “obsession” is with Target.

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Host Jimmy Fallon asked him what his toddler is into lately, and Grint replied, “So many things. She’s kind of princess crazy, as well. She’s struggling a little bit with adjusting to U.K. life. She spent most of her time in America so she’s missing some cultural things.”

Since he’s been filming his show, “Servant,” in Philadelphia for most of Wednesday’s life, she’s become accustomed to all things America. Specifically Target. And honestly, who can blame her? We all are.

“She does love Philly. She loves hoagies, she loves water ice. And I mean the big one is Target. She is obsessed with Target,” he explained. “She’d choose that over going to the park, or zoo. But she loves going to different Targets and seeing how the layout is kind of slightly different.”

Omg. Is she…one of us? At just two years old? We love to see it. And it’s clear Jimmy Fallon was loving every bit of this story, as he couldn’t stop laughing.

“Sometimes she doesn’t buy anything, she just wants to kind of browse,” Grint continued. “The toy aisle is definitely a draw, but she’s more into lip balm, to be fair.”

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Rarely does a trip to Target result in me not buying anything, but his daughter is 100% accurate when it comes to how much fun just browsing the aisles can be. You never know what you’ll find—or, more accurately, convince yourself what you need.

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The Tonight Show/YouTube

So what did Rupert Grint do to ease his daughter’s transition to the Target-less UK? He built a min-Target play store, sharing a photo of the whole setup. And it is EVERYTHING.

“I think I’ve definitely captured the essence,” Grint said. “It was one of the most difficult conversations, telling her she lives in a country that doesn’t have Target. I’ve shown her our kind of equivalent, but it doesn’t hold up.”