There is no part of Encanto that isn’t impressive, from the soundtrack to the vibrant artistry to the actual storylines. And to add another notch to that belt is the fact that the actress who voiced Mirabel, Stephanie Beatriz, recorded one of Mirabel’s hit songs while she was in labor.

Yes, actual labor with an actual baby, to whom she gave actual birth the following day. But not before belting out “Waiting On A Miracle” in between contractions.

“I didn’t want to tell anybody at Disney because I didn’t want anyone to freak out,” Stephanie Beatriz told Variety. “But I was already having some contractions when we were scheduled to record that day. I was like ‘Well, fingers crossed I finish the song before [the baby] comes!’”

In an interview with Variety, Encanto‘s director, Byron Howard, said that while he knew Beatriz was “very, very, very ready to have that baby,” she had not told him just how ready.

It’s also not lost on Beatriz or the rest of the Encanto family that she was singing about miracles while waiting for one of her own.

When she gave birth back in August to her daughter Rosaline, Beatriz gushed over her sweet daughter on Instagram.

Her name is Rosaline: pronounced Roz-uh-line,” she wrote in the caption. “I’m very very in awe of the entire experience of having a kiddo. it is INCREDIBLE and HARD AF and BEAUTIFUL and EMOTIONAL, and I can’t remember ever being this amazed and feeling so overwhelmingly full of gratitude. Roz, you are so cool.”

Now when we’re all watching Encanto for the 400th time with our kids, we can smile extra hard knowing the sweet story behind Mirabel’s performance (and Stephanie Beatriz’s real life).