From car seat safety to getting your baby to take a bottle, 2021 was full of viral parenting hacks that were actually useful. As we head into 2022, we could all use whatever tips, tricks, and advice we can get to make our lives a little easier, right?

Bookmark this list if you want to learn how "chicken cutlets" can improve your life with a baby, or if you've ever cried over spilled breastmilk.

Let's "cut" to the chase, shall we?

1. Never cry over spilled breastmilk again

Ashley Newton, @unlicensedtomom on TikTok, shared a genius breast-pumping trick that is so simple yet so amazing. You'll watch it over and over again as you ask yourself, "Why didn't I think of this?!"

You pump right into the bag. JUST RIGHT ON INTO THE BAG. And if you're asking yourself, "How? My pump couldn't do that!" just watch and learn, mamas.


All this wasted time washing pump parts 💀 #RedBullDanceYourStyle #MyHobby #NeonShadow #momhack #breastfeeding #pumping

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2. How to install your child's car seat as tightly as possible

This is one of the most clicked-on parenting hacks of the year, hands-down. The video shows Joni, a mom and nationally-certified Child Passenger Safety Technician, installing a rear-facing convertible car seat that attaches to the car seat with lower anchors (the latch system).

If you've ever installed a car seat and still been able to wiggle it around afterward, this is the hack for you.

3. Toddler-proofing phone hack

Raise your hand if you've handed over your phone to your toddler during a long car ride (or just in general, really). They inevitably click out of YouTube Kids and wind up either taking 500 photos of their shoes or screaming. This phone hack is the #1 way to prevent both of those scenarios from happening.

As the mom of a two-year-old myself, it's a game-changer.


Sometimes screens allow us to get something done so 🤪 #sorrynotsorry #parenthack #iphone #screentime #momminainteasy #newmom

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4. The "chicken cutlets" bottle hack

Okay this one is just as entertaining as it is genius. If you've ever struggled to get a breastfed baby to take a bottle, well, then this one's for you. (I know that struggle, deeply, and I marveled over this video at least a dozen times.)

Without further ado, behold:


He's weaned, just had the idea and figured some mama could use it. #breasfedbabies #weaning #sahm #momsoftiktok #normalizebreatfeeding #funnybutreal

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5. Pregnant belly-lifting hack

The weight of a third-trimester pregnant belly is, in a word, torture. At least, it can feel that way—especially after a long day. That's why they sell those belly bands and such—to help alleviate some of that pressure on your back and your groin.

OR you could have your partner help you out. You know, the partner that's not carrying around a basketball that weighs as much as a few slabs of beef. Check it out and see for yourself:

Now that you have all of this newfound knowledge, go forth and prosper by sharing that knowledge with other mamas. Cheers to 2022—may your car seats be tight and your milk remain unspilled!