For a lot of families, this Sunday is all about football and food you can put ranch on. Super Bowl Sunday is a national obsession that many Americans wouldn’t miss—unless they absolutely had to.

If you end up missing out on the Super Bowl this year because you’re busy bringing a baby into the world, you could end up scoring tickets to next year’s Super Bowl, plus free pizza for a year. That’s something anybody with a newborn could certainly use.

The prize is brought to us by Pizza Hut, proud sponsor of the NFL and purveyor of food you can put ranch on. The chain is promising the first family to welcome a baby after kickoff “free pizza for a year to fuel them through 365 sleepless nights”.

In a blog post announcing the stunt, Pizza Hut explains how nearly due parents can get in on this contest:

“To enter, parents with a baby born during the game simply need to post a photo on Twitter of their newest arrival (including exact time of birth) tagging @PizzaHut in the post and using the hashtags #PizzaHutSpecialDelivery and #promotion to be included for consideration. No purchase necessary. For additional information and full Terms & Conditions, visit here.”

So, if you’re due Sunday, make sure your birth coach is ready to tweet for you if you want a chance at free pizza.

And because missing the Super Bowl sucks extra hard when your home team is playing, Pizza Hut is also going to deliver “everyone’s favorite game day goodies” directly to hospitals in Boston and L.A. to make sure families having babies get some treats.

(Although, depending on where you are in the labor process, you probably don’t want people walking into the delivery room with hot wings? Cold pizza sounds like a nice post-birth snack, though.)

We know it’s a marketing stunt, but isn’t that the best part of the Super Bowl anyway? (Second to the food, of course.)

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