There are just some things that the “Parenting Handbook” doesn’t prepare you for. And while asking where babies come from is a doozy, at least you can be somewhat prepared with a response—we’ve all been preparing for that moment since they were born, or is that just me?

But what if you get an answer horribly wrong? It’s so easy to do while your child rapid-fires questions at you while trying to merge onto the highway or it’s been an hour of trying to get them to go to sleep, or you haven’t had any coffee yet and it’s 6 a.m. 

And this sweet Dad totally gets it so wrong, yet so right? While we don’t know the context, I’m sure his child asked this innocent question when he was preoccupied. 

“Why are you recording us eating cake?” Dad asks innocently. 

“Because I have a question for you…” Mom says mysteriously. 


In this hilarious viral TikTok video from @momchats, the mom of three confronts her husband over dinner about why she overheard their six year old telling their four year old, “Moms foam at the mouth when they have babies.” 


Maybe we will do better when she asks where babies come from.

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While her husband looks incredulous, she demands the answer to why she overheard her six-year-old say she foamed at the mouth while giving birth to their youngest child. And it takes a second, but when Dad realizes that he misunderstood his six-year-old’s innocent question, he gags and chokes on cake while Mom can barely get the words out again.

“I need to understand why she thinks I was foaming at the mouth,” Mom demands, laughing.

While Dad is laughing so hard he’s crying (while recovering from choking on his cake), he says, “Rabies!” and then falls over and out of his chair. 

He tries to explain, “She asked, does it hurt when you have rabies? Did she say babies? I thought she asked about rabies?”  

With tears streaming down both of their faces, Dad says, “I told her basically that it really hurts … and you start foaming at the mouth.”

Well, he wasn’t totally wrong. I certainly felt like I could foam at the mouth and look like a crazy animal when those contractions started. So it wasn’t out of the question for their six-year-old to take Dad’s word on this beautiful, yet painful, part of life. 

But I bet this kid will not want to have a baby for a very, very long time, and this TikTok perfectly demonstrates that kids (and sometimes dads) say the darndest things.