The school drop-off line isn't really the kind of place where you'd expect to be entertained or share some laughs, as most of us are usually in a stressed-out hurry. But one Ohio elementary school's PTA changed all of that thanks to some hilarious signage—geared specifically for millennial parents—on the school lawn.

On Aug. 29, parents in the drop-off line at Austintown Elementary School in Youngstown were greeted with some amazing nods to our formative years, all for the sake of keeping things functional. The images have gone viral on Facebook, and it's not hard to see why!

Monet Lude/Facebook

"Can't park here!" read a sign with a photo of MC Hammer, mimicking his "Can't touch this" song. There was also a sign featuring the Ryan Gosling "Girl" meme of yesteryear, and the infamous "PIVOT" moment from Friends.

Monet Lude/Facebook

"Tell the kids Bye, Bye, Bye" was printed on a second sign showing former boy band NSYNC. There's even a sign featuring TLC in their "Waterfalls" era and it's everything.

Monet Lude/Facebook
Monet Lude

Jessica Lippillo, the president of the Austintown Elementary PTA, told TODAY Parents she was inspired by an Arizona school district that posted creative drop-off signs. Lippillo said she wanted to make parents at her school smile too.

"Drop-off lines are hard," she said. "Ours usually runs smoothly but this year, some of our kids are attending school for the first time ever because of COVID. Students and parents are feeling anxious and I wanted to alleviate their stress."

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Another way to alleviate drop-off line stress? The "tuck and roll" method, coined by mom Teasha Witherspoon. Her hilarious spoof of how she handles drop-off line stress went viral on Facebook earlier this month—because it's PERFECT.

“First things first, put your kids on the passenger side of the car,” Witherspoon says. Do you have more than one or two kids? Not a problem. Teach them how to "one-two step on out, slide or shuffle, whatever you gotta do to get them out."

She shares her tips and tricks for drop-off line etiquette in the best way possible. She also has some advice for the moms who want to get out of the car to help their kids.

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"Y'all have got to stop getting out of the car and opening the doors for them. Let them open their own damn door—it takes too much time,” she says.

Seems like the Austintown parents need to be reminded of this too, as one of the signs instructs parents to "please stay in your vehicle" by showing a car completely covered in plastic wrap.

Monet Lude

If you or someone you know has been victimized by a school drop-off line, take comfort in knowing you're not alone—and there are plenty of (hilarious) resources to help.