Grandparents are one-of-a-kind. They give the best hugs, can be the best babysitters and even if they were strict parents, they can spoil their grandkids.

For comedian Dan LaMorte, his grandmother, who so clearly loves all of her grandchildren, also has a ranking board to express which grandchild is climbing up or down in her favor.

In this viral TikTok video, LaMorte shows off his grandma’s board and where he currently ranks.

At the start of the video, LaMorte says he’s in the highest spot he’s ever been: 4th place.

He says, “So, this is my grandma’s ranking board. She has a wooden board where she ranks the 10 grandchildren from 1-10, all of our faces are on magnets.”

LaMorte then does something that he’s sure has a good chance of changing his highest ever ranking. He’s going to show Grandma his new tattoos.

That’s when Grandma enters the video and he pulls up his sleeve to show her his two new pieces of art while he asks her, “What do you think of my new tattoos, Grandma?”

Grandma gives an Oscar-worthy gasp and immediately goes to the board to move his magnet.

She says, “This is what I think of your new tattoos,” as she moves his magnet down to last place.

The comments on the viral video range from getting a laugh out of his grandma’s hilarious system to asking the hard questions we’re all wondering:

“We need more info on the ranking! What’s her thought process? How did everyone end up where they are on the board? So many questions!”

“how did numbers 1 and 10 get where they are 😂??”

“Nannyyyyyy😭😭😭😭 lol I love her”

“I can’t stop laughing 😂”

As the TikTok video went viral, LaMorte and his grandmother, Mary Francis, were also interviewed by WGN News.

Mary Francis revealed that she got the idea for the board from one of her other grandsons!

But it’s when Mary Francis reveals what earns #10 their spot that I think makes this whole story come together in a wholesome and sweet way. She says that the grandchild who doesn’t call enough or visit regularly is often demoted to last place. Sounds fair, don’t you think?

Mary Francis also revealed that when the grandkids do come for a visit, they always move everyone’s places on the board and place themselves at #1. But not to worry because she just moves them all back to their rightful place as soon as they leave, she says.