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She’s just a chicken, standing in the rain, trying to take care of her babies… and what mama can’t relate to that?! The video that’s gone viral this week. Plus, how one fashion week model slays on the runway with her baby bump!! Talk about major #bumpenvy. And why doctors say you need to get a flu shot for your kiddo ASAP. It’s all right here in our Weekly Links.

1. Have you seen this mother hen totally taking the brunt of the storm to shield her baby chicks from the rain? This video has gone viral this week, and for good reason. She’s all of us, am I right, mamas?! We’re all just out there, getting soaked trying to protect our little ones.

2. It can be hard to admit, and even harder to talk to someone about, but getting help for postpartum depression — as soon as possible — really is a must. Some new research shows that the longer PPD lasts after giving birth, the more likely you’ll continue to suffer from depression in the long-term. This article in the Atlantic lays out the new research, and explains why many doctors now say it’s okay to continue your anti-depressants, even in your next pregnancy.

3. It’s fashion week, mamas, and while our “I-slept-in-this-shirt-last-night” preschool drop-off ensemble isn’t quite runway ready, we can all cheer on and live vicariously through model Lily Aldridge who freaking killed it this week on the runway at five-months-pregnant! Aldridge walked for Brandon Maxwell, and these photos are incredible. OMG the heels. She is super mom!

4. With as bad as flu season was last year, doctors are really encouraging little ones as young as six months to get a flu shot ASAP. The American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending your child get the shot by the end of October at the latest!

5. “Anyone else suck at parenting today?” Olivia Wilde asked… and the internet answered! Hard to believe Wilde could suck at anything, but we are loving how honest she is about parenting struggles. She says she hopes her occasional admitted defeat encourages others, like the honesty of Serena William’s motherhood has encouraged her.