If you don’t panic about the appearance of your home before having guests over, are you even a mom? (If you don’t, please tell us what it’s like being God’s favorite.) In an absolutely hilarious and extremely on-point viral TikTok, one husband parodies what houseguests would act like if they acted exactly how his wife thinks they would.

Do you immediately notice your baseboards could use a wipe down before people come over? Or that your fridge is disorganized and smells a little funky? That your hand towels are a little less than spring fresh? Or maybe you’re worried you don’t look as put together as you wish you did, even though you are literally in the comfort of your own home and people who genuinely love you do not care what you look like?

Yep, we all do it. Why? Anxiety is probably the short, correct answer. But it’s also like moms are pre-programmed to do this. It’s irrational, yes, but the fear this viral TikTok touches upon is very very real.

“Hey don’t rush, they’re not even ready yet,” the husband, Dallin of The Dashleys, says “in character” as the aggrieved guest on the phone. “They haven’t even cleaned this place up.”

Everything from the comment about what they’re wearing to the white-glove test along the baseboards is spot-on and so, so funny. This isn’t the first time The Dashleys have touched upon the phenomena of The Guest-Paranoid Mom. A few weeks ago, part one went up on their TikTok account and it’s every bit as hilarious.

“Oh hey I didn’t see you coming through all those fingerprints on your glass,” he says as the guest in question as his wife answers the door. And then proceeds to enter the home and beeline it right for the upstairs level of the home, where most of our secret shame lives in the form of messiness. Unmade beds? THE HORROR.

These viral TikTok videos are a solid reminder that none of us are alone in our motherhood-inflicted neuroses and that sometimes it feels so incredibly good to laugh at yourself.