If you’re anything like me (a mom who does a lot of research before making any purchases for her home or family ), you’ve probably watched a lot of product review videos. They are, after all, the key to learning whether that expensive pair of leggings is worth the splurge or to discovering whether that wildly-priced bassinet is all it’s cracked up to be. Long story short, there’s a review out there for just about everything, and you can spend a lot of time reading or watching them.

But you’ve probably never seen a video quite like this one, which is so original and adorable. The review was shared on TikTok and is for, of all things, a new baby.

Yes, you read that right: a new parent recorded a product review of his newborn baby. It’s formatted just like the YouTube videos we commonly see from influencers, only instead of explaining the particulars of a new beauty product, he’s running through the details of his baby.

“This is my little boy, I just got him about two months ago,” the reviewer says. “Good quality hair, the cheeks are very chunky and very kissable.”

“He does this cute little thing where he pokes out his lip like this, makes you want to kiss him even more.”

The reviewer also runs through the important details (like how much baby clothing costs and where you can find baby items) and give his general impression of the baby.

“Overall, he’s a pretty good baby until he’s hungry. He goes crazy,” he says. “I recommend more babies, you know what I’m saying? You can get them from around, you know, three grown-up transactions a day, if you know what I mean. It only takes one.”

I don’t know about you, but this is just the kind of lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek content I need right now. Viewers are having fun with the video, which was shared on Twitter. One social media user tweeted, “This is basically an unboxing video. Let’s see the long-term review 12 years from now when the baby weighs 150 pounds and is eating everything in sight! LOL!” in response to it.

And one exchange in response to this review absolutely hits the nail on the head. “They do cost some serious money. However, even with the fuel costs if you maintain them properly they can be a good value, funny, smart, kind, and might even help out. Do have space for irrational hostility and gross disdain for adults,” one social media user commented.

Another adds: “You’re right, of course. And I’m generally satisfied with the product. I just wish the ‘trash disposal’ feature worked with less prompting. It’s fiddly. I sometimes have to put in the request several times and even then there’s a lot of whining from the unit.”