One year ago, Judit Minda got the shock of her life when she learned she was expecting multiples. But unlike most mothers of multiples, Judit wasn’t having twins…she was having triplets. Just like anyone else would be, Judit was shocked (and terrified!) to learn she was carrying three babies. But unlike most triplet moms, Judit wasn’t exactly a stranger to the notion of three babies born at once because Judit is a triplet herself. “Coming out from the doctor’s office I felt a huge panic growing on me and by the time we got to our car I was crying like never before. It took us some time to process the information,” Judit, who is based in Norway, captioned a photo of an early ultrasound.

What a shock!

The mom knew that a triplet pregnancy would be incredibly tough—not just due to the physical toll of carrying three babies at once, but also because multiple pregnancies come with significant risks. According to TODAY , Judit dealt with extreme nausea for the first 20 weeks of her pregnancy. She also reportedly dealt with effects of a heart condition called tachycardia. At 31 weeks, blood flow to the babies slowed, and Judit dealt with breathing difficulties through her pregnancy. On January 29, Judit welcomed babies Filip, Henrik and Amelia. While Judit recovered from the intense birth, her sisters, Sofia and Szilvia, stepped in to run her Instagram account and help her adjust to her new life. “Having them by my side has given me courage, helped me through tough periods and made me realize that there is nothing in life I will ever have to face alone,” she wrote on Instagram. “No matter what life will bring, I will always have two amazing [people] to count on.”

Extra support from her sisters

Now, Judit is back to documenting her life as a triplet with triplets. She’s shared everything from an inspirational post about postpartum body image (“who cares about some hanging skin” is right, Mama!) to honest reflections on the difficulties of breastfeeding three babies at once. (As a breastfeeding mother of twins, I cannot even imagine how she does this!) But our favorite posts of all might be the ones she features where she and her sisters cradle the three babies together . Such a beautiful sight to see the triplets with…well, the triplets. It’s obviously not easy, but Judit’s ability to capture what life is really like when you have triplets is pretty incredible. How does she do it? Well, like most mamas out there, it seems she operates on pure love. And the fact that she understands the triplet dynamic in a way most people can’t doesn’t seem to hurt. “We get very little sleep and sleep deprivation can make us feel really down,” Judit tells TODAY . “Seeing a smile or hearing a giggle are making up for the sleepless nights, though.” Triplet mom or not, we can all understand that sentiment!

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