As moms, we question everything, all the time, before, during, and after pregnancy—pretty much til we die, am I right? We aren’t sure if we are doing it right or messing it all up, and if our babies to be born and recently born are going to be “OK,” let alone healthy, and thriving.

One mom recently gave an emotional look back on all the feelings and questioning she went through from the moment she figured out her newborn had a limb difference, to the one-year mark in which she celebrated her precious baby and their unexpected journey.

Around one in 1900 babies are born with limb reduction defects, sometimes called limb differences. On her Tik Tok account as nicolethemom_, Pennsylvania mom Nicole Edwards shows a moving video of her daughter, “Sagey,” who is one of them. She uses hashtags like #luckyfin (a nod to a nonprofit educating others on limb differences), #nubby, and #limbdifference. 

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She starts her video with the caption, “If I could go back in time to when I found out my daughter will have a limb difference, this is what I would tell myself…” showing those weepy just-born cuddly baby moments, and also her baby’s hand, which is missing all five fingers. She told Good Morning America her daughter’s limb difference is due to Amniotic Band Syndrome, a condition in which the amniotic sac amputates an area of the body.

Amidst the background of sweet music and newborn photos, she tells her 1-year-ago mom self: “Different is awesome, keep educating yourself. You’re doing great mom. She will amaze you every step of the way! You’re in uncharted territory, give yourself grace.”

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As the video moves toward her touching her daughter’s hand, she writes, “You’re allowed to be confused, sad, scared and even angry when you first hear the news, you’re human. Don’t restrict or do everything for her, she will do it on her own. Just be there to catch her and watch from a close distance.”

And, like every concerned mama navigating a physical or emotional challenge, she writes, “Try not to worry. Enjoy watching every moment, she’s truly amazing,” as her daughter in the video navigates holding herself up on a standing toy, using both arms.

Her video nods to our mom abilities to shift, change, adapt, and learn when life throws us curveballs. As she shows us, as do the comments, we strive to remember that ultimately we are not alone. One commenter wrote, “Be right back, not crying.” Another posted, “My mom was born with her arm missing from the elbow down…she is the most amazing women [sic] I know.” Another concluded there’s nothing “wrong” or “missing” from her at all. 

Hang on while we all try to go summon Nicole’s courage, grace, and patience with ourselves to deal with and reflect on our own doubts and worries, on our journey called parenthood.