Update: All the items have been sold.

Sometimes second-hand baby clothes are the best kind of baby clothes, especially when they come from the closet of Serena Williams' toddler daughter Olympia Ohanian.

Williams was recently appointed to Poshmark's board of directors, so she's totally on board with Poshmark's "Posh Closet for Charity" project.

She just put up a ton of Olympia's outgrown clothes in support of the Yetunde Price Resource Center (which works with victims of traumatic acts of violence) and anyone can buy them!

Olympia has style like her mom and has rocked brands like Burberry, Gucci, and Stella McCartney, and now your baby can too!

Tons of Olympia's stuff has already sold out but there are still some items left if you want to dress your little one in something the GOAT once picked for her own daughter.

This Embroidered Mesh Baby Dress Embroidered Mesh Baby Dress would look great on any little girl this summer.

And have you ever seen anything cuter than this Bonpoint onesie?

Check out the sale soon because Olympia's closet is almost cleared out!

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