There is an exhilarating kind of freedom when you are planning your baby’s nursery because anything is possible as you design the space. But, while anything is possible, one thing is guaranteed: Your little newborn will grow up and have different needs.

That’s why as you stand in the room that is to become your baby’s nursery and begin to daydream of all the special memories that will transpire there, you should keep in mind how today’s purchases can be repurposed down the line. Although it can be hard to fathom a future beyond diapers, midnight feeding sessions and sweet story time snuggles for a while, it’s so helpful to have a nursery that can “grow up” with your baby.

As you plan your registry with endless options before you, here are a few ways you can build a nursery made for longevity.

Focus on durability and function—with some flair

When you are designing a nursery for the first time, you are essentially building from the ground up, which can mean a lot of new purchases. As you register for items that can grow with your baby for years to come, keep durability in mind—like by seeking furniture that can be easily cleaned and items with solid reviews from fellow mamas. That way, whether you want to go into a store or plan to shop online, you don’t have to guess what glider would be best for you or how well nursery furniture pairs together.

With buybuy BABY’s new Design Squad™️ service, you can even collaborate with a professional designer to customize the nursery of your dreams. Then it’s as simple as adding your hand-picked furniture or decor items to your registry. And, since everyone loves the idea of giving a gift you are guaranteed to love, this is a great way to lead friends and family members in the right direction.

Get clear about your objectives

It’s never too soon to start thinking about future family plans—at least for the purposes of your nursery. Do you plan to keep your first-born in the same room for the foreseeable future? Or, if siblings come along, will it be the designated nursery? This is an important question to consider now as you decide whether you want, say, a convertible crib that can transform into a bed or if your priority is on getting a durable crib that will stand up to another baby when your first one graduates to another bed—and if you still aren’t sure, it’s a perfect opportunity to enlist the pros from buybuy Baby’s in-store experts for all your furniture needs, or using their design aid tool, Design Squad™️.

If you plan for future siblings to use the nursery, you may also want to aim for a gender neutral-design with some classic furniture. That’s not to say there is no room for personalization from baby to baby. Only by keeping the more expensive items consistent from child to child, you can free up your budget to add some fresh touches with bedding or decor.

Get a little support from an expert source

It’s a universal truth that mamas love sharing baby advice—and thank goodness for that! Still, sometimes it’s nice to get some tips from an expert source like the registry pros from buybuy BABY, who can be both knowledgeable and objective as you chart your own course into motherhood. Whether you choose to go into a store or prefer to shop online, buybuy BABY is there to help you draw up your dream registry.

Case and point: buybuy BABY’s brilliant Registry Phone Services allows you to chat through the decisions with an expert who can alert you to helpful product features that will help your baby items transition through toddlerhood. For example, you may have heard veteran mamas talk up a sound machine for white noise. But an expert can draw your attention to a sound machine that eventually can be used as an “okay to wake” alarm for bigger kids.

Remember, mama, however you design your nursery will be perfect because it will be the backdrop of so many precious memories to come. You’ve got this!