The precious early days of getting to know your baby are like nothing else. From their first smiles to sweet bonding moments as a family, it’s a beautiful time—as the Farquharson family from Florida discovered after welcoming baby girl Sienna into the world.

“The best part about being a mom is waking up every morning and just being in awe of this beautiful little baby girl that now I get to be responsible for and watch over and interact with,” Gabriella says. “I’m so excited that I just get to experience and learn new things every day about her.”

At two months old, Sienna still nurses frequently, which Gabriella says has been an incredible bonding experience. To include Dijoun in feedings (and to share that bonding opportunity!), the family recently introduced bottles. 

“That was my main reason to start to pump was just to invite him into that space and really to give him that time to bond as well,” Gabriella says, adding the mobile and comfortable Dr. Brown’s Customflow™ Double Electric Pump enables her to still be with her family while pumping. Sienna also took to Dr. Brown’s Options+™ Anti-Colic Bottles right away, which made for a smooth addition to their feeding routine.

Looking back on their first months as parents, Farquharsons say they are grateful they’ve been able to take a slower pace while adjusting to their new chapter in life. As Dijoun adds, “You want those first few months to really indulge in your little human that you brought home.”

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