Who knew conversations could be so cute? As your baby finds their voice, becomes even more expressive and displays preferences, you two are really taking your interactions to the next level.

At this point, your little one loves their parents' voices, music and the babble of other babies. Every interaction provides important feedback for that rapidly developing brain of theirs, and now is a perfect time to introduce new books and songs into the mix.

It's understandable if you're torn between wanting to capture every moment on camera and being completely present. This is a good opportunity to think through some boundaries when it comes to personal screen time, alone time and more. Although these can evolve in the years to come, it's a worthwhile practice to put some general guidelines in place.

There's a lot on your mind at this juncture, mama—but luckily, you can arm yourself with products that make this beautiful phase simpler.

Here are a few of our favorite items for babies and mamas at the 10-month mark.

For disguising lessons as play: Fisher Price magic lights fishbowl

Fisher Price

During the first year of life, babies' cognitive abilities boom as they work to process the complex feedback from the world around them. That's why hands-on activities are more than fun and games—they're important learning tools.




For cuddling up together: Cloud Island plush baby blanket

Cloud Island

When your active baby is constantly moving, those rare snuggles are all that much sweeter. Cozy up with a comfortable blanket, gather some favorite books and make a daily ritual of it.




For easy cleanup: Cloud Island silicone placemat

Cloud Island

In just a few months, your baby has gotten quite the hang of eating. But table manners? That's a different story. Let's just say easy-to-clean placemats will save you a ton of time while cleaning up after the meal—which means more time for playing together!




For standing ovations: Baby Einstein activity table

Baby Einstein table

Assisted standing offers your baby an exciting new perspective on the world! As they develop those leg muscles, it's a great time to introduce activities at their standing height.




For your digital native: LeapFrog tablet

Leap Frog Tablet

Thanks to a growing desire for independence (cue the tears!), your little one probably loves toys they can take into their own hands. And when there's a learning element involved? Well, that's something for a parent to love as well.




For jotting down favorite memories: Moleskine journal


With so many precious and special memories in the making, a journal that you can toss into your diaper bag allows you to document the cutest scenes before they slip your mind.




For combating #mombrain: Tile mate

Tile mate

Moms have so much to keep track of, and we all need a little help managing it all.

Thankfully, technology comes to the rescue with trackable tags that can help you find your keys, wallet, phone or anything else that often gets misplaced.




For logging those miles: Graco FastAction jogging stroller

Graco Stroller

The mood-boosting benefits some fresh air are real. Getting outside with a baby for a spin around the block can be simple with this awesome stroller, which even allows mama to get a jog in (hello, endorphins!) while logging time with her babe.




For easy touch-ups: Honest Beauty mascara

Honest Beauty

Now that you're a mama, you may be thinking more about the ingredients in your go-to beauty products—and few things in the makeup bag get more use than mascara. Yet another reason to love Target? They categorize clean beauty items so you can easily identify them.




For your active lifestyle: All In Motion sports bra

All in motion

When your life is a workout—hello, busy baby!—a quality sports bra is an everyday essential. Because let's face it: Even a "rest" day feels pretty active when you're chasing after and lifting a tiny human.