Mamas by default often end up the baby soother, entertainer, and snuggler. (Also known as doing #AllTheThings.) But more often than not, dads want in on some of that magic too. And science has shown it has lasting benefits for the rest of baby's life.

In fact, a quick Google search for "how dads can bond with baby" yields over 12 million results—clearly the days of the hands-off dad are over 🙌🙌🙌


One way dads can get in on the action? By arming themselves with the same tools mamas have used for years. Teething necklaces have rocketed in popularity recently as a way for mamas to provide a readily available teether while still rocking a stylish accessory. Plus, it's a great way not to have to worry about forgetting a teether (or seeing it fall on the sidewalk).

And now, thanks to QALO , men have wearable teething options as well.

QALO is a family-first company committed to designing and making products that enable families to share adventures and meaningful experiences—all made with the highest degree of quality. What started with silicone wedding rings (perfect for wearing at the gym, while exploring the great outdoors, or during any physical labor) has since expanded into gender neutral teething jewelry anyone can wear for a little extra baby bonding time.


All of QALO's teething necklaces are made with 100% food-grade silicone strung on durable nylon paracord (that not even the strongest little hands can yank off). They're also lab-tested to ensure they meet all current U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and FDA standards—and they're always BPA-, PVC-, phthalate-, cadmium-, lead-, and heavy metal-free.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a new dad in your life, we especially love the Dog Tag Silicone Teething Necklace , which can even be personalized with a name or special phrase (we're partial to "You've got this!" 😉). And, don't worry, their styles work for moms (and grandmas, and uncles, and babysitters) too.


No matter which style you prefer, we love any product that encourages a little baby-dad bonding. Welcome to the club, new dads!

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