As a Mama of two young toddlers and a third baby on the way, I am all about new, modern and easy ways to record those momentous milestones of your baby’s first year and beyond. Let’s be honest, the first baby gets most of the memories recorded (um, hello, I dedicated an entire year + to blogging about my pregnancy and first year with my daughter!) Sure, keeping up with monthly milestones is a time consuming task, especially with a newborn occupying all of your attention. But the work you put in is oh-so-worth-it when you sit down a year from now and reminisce on those early days! Make your job a little easier with one of these 6 smart milestone recorder options.
  1. Recently Photobook App. The folks over at Recently have figured out a pretty genius way to help busy parents get the photos and memories off our phones and into a book. Rather, a high quality magazine printed on premium heavy stock that displays your photos beautifully from the past month! The app is insanely easy and quick to use, even sending reminders when it’s time to choose the photos you want to use and publish to your monthly book. At the end of your baby’s first year you are going to have beautiful memories and not have to worry about sitting down to go through thousands of photos to pick which ones go into that baby book! Price: $8.99/Month. Buy it here.
  1. Milestone Cards. A modern, timesaving take on yesterday’s photo albums to catalog cherished moments? Keepsake Milestone Cards. Grab a card to mark that special moment, like the first night your little one slept through the night, dressed themselves or said "Mama" (sigh). You can mark the date to the line listed on the card and easily add to scrapbooks. Then later you can reminisce about all of those moments, even when baby’s not so sweet anymore. Price: $24. Buy it here.
  1. Batz Kids Milestone Blanket. We’ve seen some adorable swaddle blankets come out of the woodworks lately but there’s one that has struck my interest - this milestone blanket from Batz Kids. It makes sense since it was inspired by a mama herself! Not only is a unique way to record your baby’s age or a special holiday BUT it’s also one of the easiest ways to photograph! Baby just has to lay there and look as cute as they are. I love that we can use it for a blanket, keepsake, or even a special lovey as the baby gets older. Price: $33. Buy it here.
  1. A Mother’s Memory Journal. For those of us that want to keep it classic and hand write all the memories, this new baby book from illustrator Samantha Hahn is as beautiful as it gets. Stories for My Child: A Mother's Memory Journal has ample space to record everything baby, as well as spots for mama’s thoughts and experiences. A bound-in envelope can hold a special letter from mama that baby can read many, many years from now. Price: $16.95 Buy it here.
  1. Blinkbuggy Milestone Poster. Blinkbuggy has developed a line of custom designed posters that are meant to celebrate your baby's most important information (i.e. milestones & stats) in a way that's both visually beautiful & fun! The process is quite simple: just select and purchase a design, fill out a short form with baby’s info and recieve your custom-designed infographic as a high-res jpg to print or share! Price: $5-$10 depending on graphic. Buy it here.
  1. Pearhead Monthly Stickers. We’ve seen the belly Milestone stickers before, but Pearhead is making them extra special and cute! Their stickers range from felt monthly animal stickers to important milestone moments. Put the sticker on a plain white onesie, snap a photo and share away! They make adorable gifts for baby showers too.Price: $19.95. Buy it here.